4 Ways I’m Making Money Online Other Than Freelancing

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I have to be brutally honest with you guys. Money making was the sole reason I started my blogging career. I got into the blogging scene to be able to make money and support myself, and I was successful.

I made money from my blog within the first 6 months of starting my first blog. I took that money and invested in domain, hosting and my computer to work better.

Soon I discovered freelancing and I switched my career from a blogger to a freelance web designer. Now freelancing is my bread and butter.

These days freelancing is the talk of the nation in Bangladesh.

Online career means freelancing (people also call it outsourcing.) A large portion of digital workers in Bangladesh including me are freelancers.

Since I am blogging from Bangladesh, a lot of you guys are into freelancing. Here in this article I am going to share some of the ways I am actively making money online other than freelancing.

My goal is to inform you that money making is possible in BD without being a freelancer. I am going to share some of my money makers and will give you some tips.

1. Online Teaching

I love explaining the technical things, and I am fairly good at doing this. I am making YouTube screencast videos for a long time. I got some really good views by doing this.

What I do is to explain a topic in the video. Like how to install a software, or how to do a thing. These videos are mostly “How to” tutorial videos.

I do all the tech videos related to web design and internet marketing, but it could be anything non-techie like cooking, crafting, painting, hobbies etc.

There is a vast majority of people on the internet looking for “How To” videos.

Once you produced the videos you now have the obvious place to post them.


And lately I started to monetize my videos and have made some good chunk of change with Adsense:

screenshot youtube last 28 days estimated revenue, $21.67

I put together some explainer videos and made a course out of it. I put that course in this site called Udemy.

I created a course about Twitter for beginners. When I was putting together this course it felt like, who on earth would want to know how to use twitter and actually pay for it?

But to my surprise, it actually got sold and I made some good passive income. (A passive income is when you make money while sleeping)

Since then I made yet another lame course about Facebook for beginners.

By lame, I mean the subject matter is lame, the video quality and training materials are top notch.

These 2 lame courses are helping me make a decent monthly income.

screenshot udemy, your earnings by course facebook training course $98.10, twitter training course $23.55

Since then I have put these courses in another site called Curious. So far I have earned a payout from them.

My job was to just let them access my course and put it together on the site.

screenshot curious instructor lifetime earnings $132.33

By the way, here is a mini review about curious:

Curious is like the Netflix of online courses. In Udemy you go and buy courses. In curious, you just get a monthly membership and watch as many courses as you can. To me it’s a brilliant concept, because I know so many people buy Udemy courses and never ever finish them. With the idea of Curious, you can learn as much as you want without having to pay for the whole thing.

If you are curious to read more about Curious -the education platform, leave a comment and I will write an in-depth review about this site in my blog.

So far online teaching has helped me make a good amount of money and it is growing the more videos I am putting out there. If you would also like me to write a complete in-depth article about how I make video tutorials and what software & equipment I am using, be sure to leave a comment asking for it.

2. Ebook Selling

Since the beginning of my blogging career I made many ebooks out of my blog articles. I made them as a free giveaway in form of a sign up bonus. I never thought of making ebooks to sell and make money. I offered just one ebook for sell in my blog as a test, setting the price to 7 dollars and it sold a few copies here and there.

Lately I created another book on an unusual topic. For a long time I have been a sufferer of chronic sinusitis. I cured myself and healed my body with some herbal home made remedies. I wanted to share this cure with everybody so I made a short ebook with the remedy.

I chose amazon kindle publishing to distribute the ebook. Being a technical person, the kindle ebook formating and creating the cover for that book was not a big deal for me. I put that ebook on KDP publishing and it sold a few copies here and there.

Kindle publishing is for those who own the Amazon kindle reader device. So I made another traditional PDF option for sale and made a website with PayPal button. So far I have seen one sale without doing any promotion.

screenshot paypal payment receipt. description, stuffy nose ebook digital download subtotal $7.00

I haven’t made any sizable amount selling this ebook because it was a side project to help people, not to make money out of it, but ebook selling has some huge potential as a money maker.

The cool thing about Amazon kindle is, you can write a fiction, novel, mystery, thriller, fantasy, romance and still make money selling ebooks. The key here is to being creative and consistent. Stats show that every year more and more people are going digital and purchasing ebooks, where Amazon kindle is leading the way.

If you would like to learn more about the ebook creation process, kindle formating, selling an ebook on your site with PayPal, then please ask me in the comments. I will write a complete guide in the next posts.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Hands down, by far the most lucrative way of making money online. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other peoples products and you get paid a % every time you make a sale. I am making money with affiliate marketing for many years now.

I am not doing any traditional affiliate marketing like: make a niche site, put affiliate reviews and promote it like crazy. Instead I like to do a more human way of recommending a product.

I always promote the products and services which I have personally used and felt good using it. These products range from web hosting, services, premium themes and many other things.

Here is an email software which I recommended to a client. When he purchased using my affiliate link, I earned this small commission.

screenshot paypal, sendy sent you $12 USD

So far I am doing good with affiliate marketing. I don’t want to share any details in this post but lately I am earning close to 100 dollars per sale, which is really awesome. If you would like me to write an in depth article about how to make money with non-traditional affiliate marketing, feel free to let me know in the comments.

4. Web Hosting Reseller

This one is related to my freelance work but still it’s a steady money maker. What I did was to sell web hosting and monthly maintenance service with my web design services. This way I was able to earn a monthly retainer from my clients.

So I am making a decent amount of money every month by offering the one very thing people need when setting up a website. My clients don’t have to mess with the technicality of web hosting, domain names or cpanel when I am managing and maintaining it for them.

For an example this client of mine is paying just over 10 dollars every month. Too low right?

But checking at the balance I saw she has paid a total of 210 dollars and still going.

screenshot from 2checkout, $210 total billed to a single client

I have many clients like this one on recurring billing.

I am billing my clients monthly via 2checkout. It’s a great solution for a Bangladeshi entrepreneur like me since we don’t have PayPal yet in our country.

If you are offering website related services, I highly recommend you sign up for a web hosting and domain name reseller to keep your clients. When you keep your client paying a monthly fee, you will get even more business from them in the long run.

Final Words

These were just a few ways I am making money other than my freelance work. In this year I am going to put my effort into more money makers like this. The cool thing about diversification is that when one income stream fails, you have another one to back you up. I am making money online with two other ways, which I haven’t shared here. I will share them with you when I will have some cool things to share.

In the mean time go and explore all the money making ways I have shared in this post. Feel free to leave a comment below asking me which money making method you would like me to explore in my next blog post. And please do share what are other ways you are making money online not mentioned in my post? Let’s continue the discussion in the comments.

See you next time!

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  1. Hi Tamal,
    Thanks for the information on making money online.Have been wondering why you have not been making articles because I was not receiving them. So welcome back and happy new year 2017.
    I would like to request you to make articles on the following next time:
    .Blog about curious the education platform.
    .How to make videos and the software and gadgets required.
    .Video tutorials and software and equipment required.
    .How to create ebooks for sell onsite with paypal.
    .How to make money in a non traditional affiliate marketing.
    .How to set up a website or blog because I don’t have one

    1. Looks like you need to learn everything mentioned over here. Will post them, please share this article on social media and subscribe to the new email newsletter of this site.

  2. It’s always great to earn money from different sectors. My most earning stream still on Freelancing. Beside, I am earning some $$ from Admob (I have some apps on Android platforms) every month. Now busy to ensure great amount of earning from Niche Sites before the end of 2017. However, you are producing great articles constantly which is simply awesome. 🙂

  3. Hi Tamal,
    As a work seeker in the job platform like upwork, I have bitter experience about getting jobs based on ranking, experience and feedback. It is also observed that the buyers looking for cheap labor.

    Sometimes, I failed to understand what the buyers actual wanting? Today’s freelancing can be a tough gig to maintain for a long time. So, I too believe that we have to choose alternative ways to earn from online engaging ourselves other than freelancing. I could not but appreciate and honor your efforts in this regard.

    Please be requested that briefly clarify your tools with technical requirements for the audience. Undoubtedly, people like me shall be benefited from your resourceful articles.
    Wish you Good Luck!

  4. Online teaching is indeed great work from home opportunity which will surely get good income. We already have great platforms to list our courses.


  5. Good Job, Tamal! Keep on doing your best! Thanks for sharing!
    Cheers from Brazil!
    I follow your work on Divi Facebook groups.

    1. Thanks Elisandro for stopping by and also for joining my mailing list. I will have some really cool articles and videos up ahead for you in the coming months.

  6. I’m not much of a tech person and not really into freelancing but what caught my attention is making money through selling ebooks. I always consider myself as a talentless vapid geek. Graphic designing or making videos are not my thingie. It’s engrossing to hear that there is a possible way to make my out of selling articles as I’m already involved in writing and editing for a really long time. If you elaborate the process of ebook creation and associated stuffs in a comprehensive post it would be of great help!

    1. Good to hear Imran, at the moment there is a lot of things in my plate, so will write up a detailed piece as soon as I can. Feel free to subscribe to my blog with your email, in the mean time.

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