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There are many blog platforms like blogger, wordpress and typepad. And there are also many micro blogging platforms in the internet. The first concept of micro blogging was introduced by Twitter and it is now the leading industry of mini blogs.

Mini blogs are easy to understand and update. The lenght of a mini post is being set to 140 characters so that it can be easily used with text messages/ SMS. Its a very short lenght, like you will only have few words to say in every update but still its a great way to connect, share and network with others.

How can it help?

You can use a mini blog platform to get updated with your friends and readers. Its a social platform and you will have the chance to share and communicate with lots of people.

You can add the link of your new article on an update and you will get some more visitors. You can add the twitter updates on your blog and it could be a part of your blog.

Special updates!

There will be events when you will want to let your readers know about it. Like, you achieved something, you got featured in any media/ blog, you want to announce something or want to share a special link. If you update it with a regular blog post, it will not look like professional.

For an example, you wrote a new blog post that you got a payment this morning and this post is only in 20 words. Some people will not want to see articles like this and it could effect negatively on your blog. Mini blog updates will help you to share these little things easily.

You are away!

Sometimes you will be away from your computer and cannot update your blog. You can use SMS service or mobile internet to update your mini blog. This way your readers will know that you are there with them and they will not feel alone anymore.

Its a great communication tool!

When I check my twitter page to see other people’s updates, I can then know what others are doing now. Most of the time I know about new things and news from my twitter friends. I also get to know when those friends update their blog.

Add your updates on your blog

Go to twitter and ‘Sign in.’ Go to twitter.com/badges. Click on the type of site like, blogger, myspace, facebook or other. Blogger users, click blogger and build the widget.

You can get the code and add the widget manually.

Or you can add it directly on your blog by clicking the blogger button,

Update from your cell phone
You can update your twitter mini blog from your cell phone on the go! It’s easy, you just only need to have a GPRS enabled cell phone. Go to m.twitter.com, ‘Sign in’ to your account and update!

If your phone doesn’t supports GPRS, you can still update via SMS. Go to twitter.com and add your phone number. Send the code from your mobile phone to the twitter number and your phone will be set with twitter. Now each time you send an SMS to the number of twitter like:+447624801423, your twitter status will be updated with the new message.

4 thoughts on “Micro blogging, for fun, for traffic”

  1. Text Message marketing is a great way to promote business (The New Wave Of Advertising Trends). In a general, 85% of US citizen have there own mobile phone, i mean there is lot of potential

  2. I find that keeping my Twitter feed updated on my page increases the amount of visitors from elsewhere who follow me on Twitter.

    It’s a win/win situation.

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