Make One Great Move

Some time ago I went down from 800 to 700 rating in chess over the course of a week. It was devastating and dangerous!

Once you are on a slope, you could end up on a losing streak and soon you can lose hundreds of rating points. It happened with my brother. He went from 800 to 500 over a few weeks and got to the point of quitting chess altogether.

I don’t want that to happen to me.

So I stopped playing chess for 2 days. sent me a notification saying: “Hey you haven’t played in 2 days, come back!

It was my first time quitting my chess-playing streak in a year.

So I went back to playing and this time I had a simple goal.

Make one great move!

The goal of a chess game is to win, but if you think about it, it’s a series of one good move after another.

So I decided, I would play only one game per day.

I would play my best move and not worry about the position or the checkmate.

I played my first game after the slump and won.

The next day, I won again.

And again.

In seven days, I played eight times and won seven of them.

Soon I was back to 800 rating in chess.

So what did I learn from this?

  • Make one great move.
  • Write one great sentence, a paragraph.
  • Write one great line of code, a function.
  • Make one act of kindness.

Every great thing is made up of all these series of good moves.

But eventually, you will make a bad move.

A blunder.

Worry not. Just get back to making a good move in the next turn.

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