Low numbers and lots of widgets can put a negative effect on your blog

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As a blogger you must make your blog and its design as simple and helpful as you can. The reason you need a simple design with less widgets because you have to make your blog loads faster. People will avoid your blog if it takes much more time to load, so cutting down some widgets can help you to make your blog load faster.

There are some set of social tools which will show up some numbers. Showing up some numbers are great but if it shows low numbers, then your readers will go away. Here are some examples,

Social votes

Some of the sites like Digg, Sphin, Mixx and Yahoo Buzz have a button which you can add to your blog. These buttons will show the votes you got for that article on that site. Its a nice way to show your article’s importance in that site but if it shows low numbers, your reader will not be interested to read it. If your Digg button says 1 or 2 diggs, then don’t add it to your blog. Add the button when the digg counter is around 50 or more.

RSS feed counter

Many of the bloggers like to show off their daily RSS readers. I showed up my RSS counter too, but it was only 5 RSS readers. If you show up such a small number on your blog, your readers will lose their interest and un-subscribe from your blog. This is because people loves to follow a crowd. They will follow your blog when they will see hundreds of people are subscribed. So my idea is to show up the counter when it reaches 50 or more subscribers.

Hit counter

Yes, this is one favorite tool for many webmasters. You should not show up a hit counter to count your visitors. There are other ways to count them like google analytics. If you show up your counter, your readers will know how much traffic you are getting. If its a low number, many readers will go away from your blog.

RSS buttons

I have seen this in many blogs. You can add all of the RSS buttons to promote your RSS feeds. But doing this will make your blog messy. I call this, ‘Chewing gum wrappers.’ People will be demotivated if they see a long list of RSS buttons and will not subscribe. Your readers are not dummies and they know how to subscribe, just put one RSS button and the interested people will sure subscribe. Adding all of them will make your blog loading slower.

Live traffic feed

I like this widget from Feedjit. It shows the live traffic feed from different countries and sites. It will impress your readers if you have regular visitors coming to your site. You should remove this widget because your readers can access the live traffic feed dashboard by clicking ‘Show in real time’ You should not allow your readers to access your blog’s traffic data.

Clock widget

I don’t like it because it takes more space in your blog and it takes more time to load. The clock will always show the local time so when your reader will come to your site, they will know the time and they will think about other things to do. Its a common theory, when you will know the time, you will remember about things to do. Your blog should be the place where people will stay for hours. A clock widget will simply make your readers go away.

What do you think?

You are the blogger and you know what is better for your blog. You know what to add and what to remove. But be practical, your blog is not your personal page where you can put all of the things together. Add the things which are required for your readers and will make your blog slim.

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  1. Forum on Business Ideas

    Good Post! But I am Not sure if we want something as worst as hit counter. You number of visitors will be reflected by your Alexa and there is really not much need for such stuff.

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