Long Blog Posts Suck!

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It simply sucks. I don’t personally read blog posts word by word, so how can I expect you to read them too? I know there are people who are kind enough to read a 1,000 word long blog article from start to finish, but I think that’s a minority.

Why waste your time? Let me give you what you need to know in less words.

For the last few years I developed a habit of writing longer blog articles. Guys like Neil Patel shells out 2,000-3,000 word articles in their blogs and advice everyone to do that same, because of the obvious SEO benefits. The entire blog-sphere is shifting towards long blog post formats.

But why write long posts just for the sake of it?

Here’s my take:

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. A long blog post means a long way to scroll down in your mobile phone, which sucks!

I personally don’t read 1,000 word articles anymore. I just scan the headlines and the bullet lists.

If you like long reads, go read a story or a novel.

But for instructional pieces like the ones I share in my blog, short is better.

Do you agree with me?

Let me know in the comments below,

5 thoughts on “Long Blog Posts Suck!”

  1. Hey Tamal,
    It’s good to see you again.

    I was a regular reader of your blog from 2011. But, you didn’t give much effort for last few years. I don’t know what happened to you.

    However, when it comes to long post – I don’t also like to read long post.

    But, I love to clearly explain my message in a blog Post- no matter how many words it takes to do that. That is the reason, most of my posts are long.

    But I don’t do that for SEO benefits.

    Thanks for sharing your point about post length here.

    – Liton Biswas

    1. Hi Liton, in the past I had less focus on this blog and more on other projects. Right now, all my other projects are complete and can fully focus on this one.

      About long posts, I don’t like to intentionally make it long. If it needs to be long, I will write more. But the same can be done with lesser words when needed.

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