Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog

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As we all know, links are the main currency of the internet. The more backlinks you have, the higher you’ll get ranked. The more sites linking your blog means you’re getting more traffic over time and better page rank.

On this article I’m going to tell you about building even more backlinks to your blog. Links that point to your blog homepage using directories; and the way to build links for internal pages using social bookmarking.

Directory submissions

I think you all know about directories and what they do? Directories are the part of web 1.0, the time when people used to find sites using directories. There are lots of directories on the internet and the more you submit the more traffic you’ll get. Submitting on directories will give you 1 backlink to your site each, so this is a cool way to get more links.

Start by using this cool list called This guy has made a list of almost 1000 SEO friendly directories. Look at the current stat, 989 directories. If you can able to submit your link to all of them that means you’re getting 989 new backlinks to your homepage!

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog
To start submitting, create a notepad file and add your blog URL, title, description and keywords in it ~you’ll need this info on every submission!

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog

Now start the directories one by one and submit your blog.

Faster submission

I know copying the texts may bore you within minutes. Here’s a great tip for firefox users. Go to firefox tools > options > privacy tab and select, ‘Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar’

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog

Now after a few submissions, firefox will know what to enter in the form. Just press on the down arrow for each field and you’ll have the data (no need to copy-paste again and agian!)

Reciprocal links?

When you submit your links on the directories, there are few options like a paid listing for $5; free links; free links with reciprocal. A reciprocal means you have to link to their directory to get a link from them.

Now if you link to that directory, they’ll put much more interest in your site and they’ll add your blog into the directory faster. Sometimes you have to give a link before you can get one. It’s not a bad thing to link to those directories.

You can create a new blog page or post with the directory links (the page where you’re putting the reciprocal links) If you’re linking a lot, you can create different pages for this job. My tip is to keep 30-40 links on each page to be on the safe zone.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking can help you a lot to get better search rankings and traffic. You can submit your articles to different bookmarking sites that will increase the links of internal pages. This method is old and it requires a lot of effort to submit your post to each of them one by one.

Faster bookmarking

When there’s a will, there’s a way! You want to submit your site to bookarking sites and you want to make it faster; here’s the solution. Go to this site called SocialPoster. This site will help you submit your post on 79(till now) social bookmarking sites.

WAIT! This is not an automated submission service! SocialPoster will help you to submit your post hassle free. Just fill out the form with your blog post URL, title, description and keywords,

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog
Now select ‘Frame submit’ and choose the type of sites. I choose the dofollow option. That means I’ll be submitting the post to sites that share the search rank. Click ‘Start posting’

After you click on ‘Start posting’ ~you’ll be then taken to the sites one by one to submit your article. The site will be inside of the special social poster iFrame (like a toolbar on top) You must have an account on that site to post your link. Here’s the shortcuts that allows you to register, login or post on that page.

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog
After you done the registration and login thing, you can ‘post’ your article and see the magic! The title, URL, Description and other details are filled automatically. You just have to click on the ‘Submit’ button and you’re done! After you’ve submitted your site, click on ‘Next’ to post your article on the next site.

Killer guide to get regular backlinks to your blog

Tell me what do you feel?

Are you trying to build backlinks to your blog? Do you think the methods I shared today will increase your link popularity? Please do promote this page or my blog with the way you love!

Some special notes

Submitting your site to directories won’t give you a backlink instantly. It could take few weeks or month to get listed. To avoid a brain stroke, try to start with small by submitting on 10-20 directories a day.

Social bookmarks are fast and they’ll pass very low SEO values but more hot traffic. It’s better to ask your friends to add your post on social sites.

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  1. Thanks for the instructions.Clear and simple as usual.I’ll try them

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  2. Thanks for the guide. One other method for getting quality backlinks is submitting guest posts.

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    1. Yes, guest post is the most hard and yet most effective method of link building. Here you get a link for an article. New audience and new opportunity.

  3. Thanks for your great information. I need your live help here in Dhaka. Follow me @

    I added you but I can’t send you msz from there.

    Thanks again

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  4. Shankor Bhawal

    How i create a page or post for Reciprocal linking. It is possible to hide those page or post?

    1. Anterpreet Singh

      @Shankor Bhawal,

      If it is on wordpress, then you can easily do that by creating a new page and if on blogger then change the post date to push the new page down 😉

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      1. Shankor Bhawal

        @Anterpreet Singh,

        I am use wordpress, but how i hide this page from homepage? Pls reply

      2. This article is probably the most simple article I have seen yet on this subject. Thank you for all of the screenshots and easy to follow instructions.

        We will see how the submissions go!

        Seth W’s latest blog post..Building Links to Your Pillar Article

      3. A way to do that is to create a page under another page. Create a posts and from the right hand site click the page as parent page.

        Example: The welcome page is created and the parent page was “about” that means the page is now ~which is hidden in the page list.

      4. One more way to get back links to your site or blog is to post to digg or reddit. But this is interesting too.

  5. Anterpreet Singh

    Good post as always, Digg and Twitter have always helped me to get traffic,

    Submitting my blog to directories too 🙂

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    1. Superb information regarding increase the back links of a website or blog through directory submission and blogs..

  6. Awesome post.. very simple and easy..

    I am definitely gonna try this today.. let me see if i can get any backlinks!.

    anyway thnx for the info.

  7. This is very useful and great post of this blog. It will help me very much. But can u tell me how can I make back links that will help me for SEO?

  8. it;s a really a great post. thanks for guide with cool screenshot.
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