Just one more week to go till the final exam

Finishing my 7th week at the University of the People. It seems like yesterday when I started my first week, now I’m close to the final exam. Only one more week of study left and then it’s time for the final exam. The final exam holds 25 marks out of the total 100 marks.

This week I didn’t feel the pressure of study because I had already done my work throughout this term. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up for me for the final week.

I read a total of 7 short stories this entire term:

  • The Happy Prince
  • In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd
  • The Selfish Giant
  • My Father’s Head
  • The Bet
  • Salt
  • The Elephant Vanishes

Among them, my favorite was “In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd.”

I won’t be sharing what I’m doing outside of my studies for now. Until next time.