Is Your Website Making This Horrible Sin?

What’s the address of your website?

But did you know that you can also type just (excluding the www) and still reach the same website?

Try it.

Your site should load fine.

But if it doesn’t, then your site has some technical faults.

Till this date I see countless websites that load perfectly with www on them but the non-www doesn’t shows up any page.

A lot of people who don’t put the www on the domain name, will think your site is down.

In an ideal situation both the www and the non-www version should point to the same working website.

The better way for doing this:

Pick your preferred domain name, www or non-www.

For example I have picked the non www version of my domain name,

When someone types the url with www on it, it will redirect into the preferred version.

Google and other search engines treat the www and non-www version websites as separate entity. So this means your own site is competing with itself over the url versioning.

So ask your developer that you want to pick the preferred URL version of your website. Then ask and double check that both the www and non-www version redirects to your preferred choice of domain name.

Advertise and link out to your domain name with your preferred version of the domain.

A modern content management system such as WordPress handles it pretty well and uses the preferred domain name while redirecting to the other one.

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