I got accused of plagiarism

This week started off with some new challenges. Things are getting harder. Apart from my weekly assignments, I got back the peer reviews for my written assignments from week number 1.

Two of my peers graded my work (instead of 3). After reading the report I found out my work could have been better. My paragraph lacked a coherent flow. One of them accused me of plagiarism, that I took the ideas from someone else. I got 63 out of 90 grades, a failing grade. I got a little dishearted after reading the reviews. So then I decided to work hard from the next time.

This week I joined a WhatsApp group for my studies. I shared about my grade and they suggested me to ask the professor for a review. I asked my professor to recheck the grade and she fixed my grade. Now I have 70/90, barely passing marks.

The assignments are getting a little tough as the weeks are progressing. I had to write a thesis statement for my learning journal. For the weekly discussion unit, the task was to quote and paraphrase from a short story.

Overall the study went well for me. I had a head start on the short story because I had read it in the first week.

I want to ace the English course. I want to score a perfect 4.00 CGPA. After the English course is over, next term I want to take on 2 courses. There are 5 math specific courses including algebra, calculus, and statistics. Math is the thing I am worried about the most. I am thinking about studying the math curriculum during this time to get a head start.

I worked on my website this week. Other than that I didn’t do much outside learning. I will be resuming my software learning from May 2019.