I am in Good Standing at UoPeople

Hey there friends how are you doing?

I just saw that there is a message option to the followers. Currently, there are 19 followers to this little blog I started and I am so happy to have every one of you following my journey!

I know a lot of you from elsewhere (on twitter, facebook and github) and I am glad you are with me.

So what’s this email is about?

I want to share a little bit about my journey and what I am up to these days.

Last year I quit Facebook, Twitter and most of my social media accounts. As a result, I lost many of my connections :(

But I am glad that I got out of that never-ending feed scrolling and notifications loop.

I am not constantly sharing my progress, but instead focusing on what’s more important to me.

Last year I spent a great deal of time focusing on my studies and I am doing well.

I scored a satisfactory 4.00 grade in my last Programming 1 course and learned a ton about Java. This new term I am going to be busy with more Java and databases (SQL).

I am looking into Java and C# (.NET) to work in enterprise software in my future career.

In short, Java is such a pleasure to work compared to JavaScript,

…and C# is even better than Java.

This is still ongoing but in the meantime, I am writing new articles of what I already know (Node JS) over at my blog. If you are interested in Node JS, feel free to check out and follow my main blog at tamalweb.com/blog

This year I want to focus on my study and have the remaining time writing articles on my own blog. I am doing this so I can showcase my expertise and build a personal brand in the industry.

What I want YOU to do for me:

Programming on your own can be lonely sometimes and since I quit social media it’s been even more silent.

If you need someone to talk to over email or have a question, you can reach out to me and share your story.

Feel free to reply or email me here: