Although this article was written back in 2009, this article on how to write effective blog description still applies today now that it does a huge impact on your click through rate from search engines. Now days a top 5 ranking won’t always result in better click through rates. If your blog fails to get decent CTR google will drop your site ranking to favor the competing search results.

Writing a good blog description is more important than ever. A well written description is short, compelling, has keywords, and makes good sense.

At the very beginning, bloggers find it tricky for them what to do and what not? Titles are easy but what about description? There are some factors work together in search terms. Some bloggers found their site rank higher in search terms within few months. Most of the times these terms are not that popular enough to bring a burst of traffic.

For an example, when I started my first blog, it was ranking number one for a local term. But I was not getting hundreds of hits daily for that because it’s not a popular keyword! The thing I learned is that I should look for popular keywords and ranking my blog for such keywords will bring in more traffic.

What is The Purpose of Meta Descriptions?

The sole reason to write one is to explain what your blog/article is about. This description goes in search engines, article sites, RSS feeds and everywhere. This is your chance to grab the attention of a reader and bring them to your blog.

Keep Your Blog’s Meta Description Under 150 Characters

Search engines show up roughly 150 letters or so in the search results. Some show up to 160 letters. It would be better to keep your description under 150 characters. Your Meta description that you set will act as the snippet that shows up in google or bing. If you don’t have a meta description, it will show a line or parts of your blog text that has the keyword in it.

no custom meta description
blogkori with no custom meta description

But take a look at my other blog, I tried to sum up my blog theme into a small description,

custom meta description
this blog has a custom meta description set

But how do I pick up a good blog description? Let us draw an image to visualize out site,

Draw an Image of Your Blog

Take a piece of sheet and a pen and draw your blog. Now write down what types of posts you’ve written on it? What posts are getting higher place in search results and what are the keywords that visitors are using? It’s like drawing a mindmap but for your blog. You can take help of google analytics to figure this out. This will help you to know some of the common keywords about your blog.


Although you can get a better idea by reading your categories. Your blog categories are your best main keywords.

Use Main Keywords in Your Meta Description

What’s the top keywords you want to rank for? Just forget about your keyword, think just the topic. What are the topic you cover in your blog? For me I cover blogging since the blog is “BlogKori” so I will be including that into my blog description.

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Homepage Description is Somewhat Important

Blogs are special websites and it has more pages than a usual site. Company websites pay a lot of money to opt their homepage because it’s their only entrance. But with a blog any page can outrank thousands of other websites or even your own homepage. So when you are writing a description for your blog, try to sum up your blog’s topic into a few line description, like I did for my other blog, OnlineEarningKing:

Online Earning King is your go to resource on how to make money online without investment. Check out real earning sites, tips, guides & practical advice.

If you visit that blog, you will find exactly that! But when people search for other keywords and your blog comes up for that search term too, then your description will be a different text. So blog’s home description is somewhat important but not that important at all.

Make it a Teaser For Your Blog Post

Searcher searches for information, they have 10 options to choose, which one they will click on?

You have to write an appealing description for your article page. Start with an action like,

  • Learn how to..
  • get all the..
  • Take a look at how..

Then add a cliff hanger like,

  • after conducting the research we found..
  • what we expected but when we..
  • 10% increase after applying this method..

Then end your description with a Call To Action, CTA:

  • ..Click Here!
  • ..Learn How!
  • ..Want To Know More?

Add a keyword in your description when possible.

Add custom descriptions with SEO plugin or options (more on it at the end), don’t let the engines to fill in the blanks for you.

Keep The Changes for Longer

It’s better to write once and leave it there for a few months and see your stats how you are doing. Gather data in your google webmaster tools and see the Click Through Rates (CTR) Try something new and check again!

google search analytics for a given keyword
google search analytics for a given keyword

How To Set Custom Meta Descriptions in Your Blog?

Most themes has SEO option box for you to fill in the meta descriptions. Themes like thesis and genesis has custom SEO options.

You can also use this plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast to add custom meta description for your blog home and individual pages.

meta description in yoast seo plugin
meta description in yoast seo plugin

As you can see writing a good blog description is both an art and science. I leave it over to you. How do you write your meta descriptions? Is it working to grab more clicks? Let me know in the comments please.