A well written blog meta description is short, compelling, has keywords in it, and makes good sense. The sole reason to write one is to explain what your blog/article is about.

As an added bonus, this description also shows up in search engines. It makes regular searchers interested in what you have to offer and come to your site.

The meta description also shows up on Facebook when you share your blog post:

This is your chance to grab the attention of a reader and bring them to your blog.

The blog post description is also called a meta description, or a meta tags.

In HTML, we put meta description like this:

In WordPress and Blogger, it’s much more easier to implement the meta descriptions. We’ll talk more about implementing meta descriptions at the end of this article.

Let’s talk about some tips for having a good meta description:

How it Looks Like in Google Search?

In the past search engines displayed upto 150 letters or so in the search results. This has been changed recently and now you can write double the previous amount.

Your Meta description that you set will act as the snippet that shows up in google or Bing. If you don’t have a meta description, it will show a line or parts of your blog text that has the keyword in it.

Here is an example of a Google listing without a custom meta tag:

But take a look at this other one, it shows a custom blog meta description:


Write a Compelling Blog Meta Description

How do you describe your blog? That’s your meta description. Let’s say you have a blog called KidsToys, and you blog about hand crafted toys for kids. How do you describe it to a friend?

“I write a blog about hand crafted toys for kids. I compare various stores, review them so you can get the best one for your kids.”

But how can you translate that into a description for your blog?

You can try this:

“KidsToys is a blog reviewing hand crafted toys from various retailers. Read and see various items which are good for gifts on birthdays or festivals.”

Now that you get an idea, let’s move on to the blog description for your individual blog articles:

Make it a Teaser For Your Blog Post

Searcher searches for information, they have 10 options to choose, which one they will click on?

You have to write an appealing description for your article page. Start with an action like,

  • Learn how to..
  • Get all the..
  • Take a look at how..

Then add a cliff hanger like,

  • after conducting the research we found..
  • what we expected but when we..
  • 10% increase after applying this method..

Then end your description with a Call To Action, CTA:

  • ..Click Here!
  • ..Learn How!
  • ..Want To Know More?

Add a keyword in your description when possible.

Using the ideas above we can write a appealing meta description like this:

“Looking for unique gift for kids this Christmas? Check out these 10 cool hand crafted toys you can gift your toddler this Christmas! Read on!”

Use Main Keywords in Your Meta Description

What’s the top keywords you want to rank for? Just forget about your keyword, think just the topic. What are the topic you cover in your blog? For me I cover blogging since the blog is “BlogKori” so I will be including that into my blog description.

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How To Set Custom Meta Descriptions in Your Blog?

Most themes has SEO option box for you to fill in the meta descriptions. Themes like thesis and genesis has custom SEO options.

If you are blogging on WordPress then use this plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast to add custom meta description for your blog home and individual pages.

When you add/edit a blog post you will see the Yoast SEO options at the end of post editing screen.

It also gives you a preview of how the site will look like in Google searches which is a neat little thing.

If you are blogging in Blogger, then you also have this option built in. Go to your post editing screen and see search description section:

As you can see writing a good blog description is both an art and science. I leave it over to you. How do you write your meta descriptions? Is it working to grab more clicks? Let me know in the comments please.

This post was originally written in February 9, 2009. It has been updated recently.