How to target local customers with the help of google local search

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I’ve been researching this google product called google local search AKA google maps. This seemed to be a service to search locations on the world but now it’s a cool way to find local customers.

How to target local customers with the help of google local search

When you take a search on as the way you search on google web search, it shows a list of local locations, business, real estates and offices. These are the business listings provided by the users. Few days ago I was wondering if there’s a way to get real customers to a grocery store with the help of search engine? Now that there’s google maps, it’s easy for anyone to search anything near his place.

This service is highly beneficial for small businesses looking for local customers. And the good part is, you don’t need a website to get a free listing. For every free service, there’s a catch. Google map is another product which supports adwords. These are the user listings (FREE)

How to target local customers with the help of google local search blogkori

And these are paid listings,

How to target local customers with the help of google local search blogkori

Usually the paid listing gets more benefits and expossure comparing to the user listings.

To get started, go to google maps and sign in with your google/ gmail account. Now Under “My maps” create a New map,

How to target local customers with the help of google local search

After you created a listing, now you have to add it on the map located at the righ hand side of the screen. Search your location and add a pointer, draw an area etc to make it easy for your visitors. This is the place where I live,

Tamal Anwar East Kazipara, Dhaka

When people will click on your listing, they will see a baloon. You can write additional title and description. You can also add a link back to your website.

Tamal Anwar's Location


  • When you create a listing, try to think like a customer searching for product/ service. People won’t search for “Your-brand” they will search for “the service” + “the location.” For an example you can create a listing like, “Computer parts repair in Mirpur, Dhaka
  • Add the full address, street and the details to find your business. Local search is ment to send the real customer to your business.
  • When you list something, try to give the details of your service and your business number. This will allow them to contact with you directly.
  • Adding multiple free listings to one location/ keyword won’t help you. Try to create one good listing.

Using google web search

The great part of google map is, your listing will appear on the search result instantly. But the listing may never appear on the google web search. So if you want to invite your local customers through google web search, then you have to optimize your site for this.

Sometimes the website is not built for local audience; so you can create a sub landing page for local customers,

How to target local customers with the help of google local search

If you’re using the All in one SEO plugin on wordpress, then change the page’s title and description to the local version of your business. On the google maps, you can link the landing page from your map listing.

Google web search will take some time to get the search listings but once you get the rankings, you’ll attract even more local customers.

If you’d like to buy a business listing on google maps, then follow the instructions here,

Google local search listings blogkori

[My opinion: Forget about the paid listings, it’s even less effective than adwords!]

Google local search listing can be much more effective for doctor/ lawyer chambers, rentals, buy and sell items and local small businesses.

Are you placing a listing on google maps?

Do you think this will help you to find local customers? Is your business listed on google maps? Any real results?

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12 thoughts on “How to target local customers with the help of google local search”

  1. I’ll send this info on to my friends who retail products from a specific location.
    This is another great way to list your business locally.



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  4. Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography

    I read about using this service to boost web traffic. It would probably work with sites that have any local content as well, whether it be photographs, resources, or reviews.

    ~ Kristi

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  5. Maps Guide Jen

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that actually both the red and blue markers on Google Maps are free listings. To get a red marker listing, though, you have to submit and verify your business’ listing through at the Local Business Center. You’ve pointed to this toward the bottom of your post, as well.

    Here’s some other resources on how to get your listing up:

    These listings are different from listings bought through the Google AdWords program (which often appear with special icons, or at the top of search results in a blue box labeled “Sponsored links.”

    Google Maps Guide Jen

  6. I am a bangladeshi. It is possible from bangladesh?

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    1. @Bank expert, It’s possible but people from our country is less tech savvy and they don’t even know E-commerce. So google maps may not help you in finding local customers from BD 🙁

  7. Google Local Searches

    it’s a good thing that google maps is now more readable and more comprehensive unlike its first launch. it was hard to see street locations. and google LBC makes it more fantastic.

    you made a very nice illustration. thanks.

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