Every day the internet is expanding with new websites, people and products. Unemployment rates are getting high and more and more people are quitting their regular jobs to start something online. Now internet is a great resource to learn these things from your home, but the problem is there are so many information overloads. You will end up subscribing for a $400 dollar private class or buying tons of $97 worth ebooks from gurus.

If you take my suggestion, you go by some simple effective and proven methods that will ensure better results and I recommend you starting with small. If you can invest at least $100 for your first website, I will show you how and when to do these things.

You are not limited to hundred dollars, but if you invest this small amount, you will have fewer liabilities, less risk and it would be a great start.

Some of you friends who are on the other side, I mean if you are tight on budget, you will be happy to know that this method may take even less than $100 to start and run.

What we will need?

To get started online we will need 3 things to set your website,

  1. A domain name
  2. Web hosting account
  3. Website design

A domain name: A domain name is the address for your website such as blogkori.com –people will only have to remember the name, that’s it! They will browse your website from home, work, from mobile; tell their friends and even more. A domain name costs on average $10/ year (excepting some extension other than .com/.net/.org) anyone will recommend you to buy a domain from GoDaddy.com but if you want to save some more money on a domain, you go to NameCheap.com.

From namecheap, you can have a .com domain for $9.69 comparing to godaddy where a dot com is worth $10 & more. Here is another tip, you go and check out this site http://www.retailmenot.com/view/namecheap.com you can sure find a regular coupon code that will save you $1 on that domain.

Web hosting account: Web hosting account is your virtual hard drive where you will put your website, files and all other information. A great web hosting I recommend is, HostGator. They have unlimited space (yeah because hard disks are getting cheap) and can host more than one websites. You can get the unlimited plan for $9.95/month –that’s less than $10 a month!

Here some people may suggest other cheap web hosting service or name some FREE web hosting providers; BUT! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!! That you should never use a web host people haven’t heard of or a service that offers free hosting. You go with the best and you will be happy with the results. The premium hosting will support and secure your work and make it available 24 hours for your visitors.

Website design: A design is what makes your website look apart from other sites. It’s a key to make them like your site. See my website’s design; I have designed it myself because I know these things. I’m a professional web designer, if I had to pay myself for this, I would pay $500 for this. But just because we are on this budget plan, we should not spend any extra dollar on its design.

What you should do is to run your website on the most popular CMS wordpress and then install a freemium theme on it. Freemium (free+premium) themes are stunning and professional web site templates for free. This will help us save more money to do other things.

Budget check

We started with a domain name for $10, a web hosting for $10/month and free web design template. So we spent (10+10+free) = $20 so far. Just because it’s a budget plan, you will have to do the most of the work.

The main thing!

Yes this is the part you have been waiting for (or skipping the text!) the main thing AKA the Money Making Part. This is the part all of the web people are fascinated about, how to make the money JUST TEACH ME HOW!

Hold your breath! In my experience a combination of different methods will work better for you. I would suggest you to take these options (most of them or all of them) for getting the most of your investment,

  1. Pay Per Click Ads
  2. Affiliate banners/ links
  3. Consultancy/ Freelance services

Pay Per Click Ads: This is a great and almost autopilot method of generating revenue from your site. You convert your visitors into cash. When they will leave your site, they can leave by clicking on one of your ads. Sign up for Google adsense, and put some ad boxes on your site. The next stop is InfoLinks, they use your content keywords and turn them into ad links. It works like adsense.

Affiliate banners/ links: More and more web services are going affiliate and offering a way for their users to earn commissions for referring to them. You can start by being an affiliate of your hosting account. In this case you can be an affiliate of HostGator. You needed web hosting, the same way others will need this too. Other places to find suitable affiliate products, ClickBank (for digital products, ebook, software etc) or Amazon (for all different consumer products) Putting your affiliate banner on your site or writing review about them will influence your visitors to buy.

Consultancy/ Freelance services: You should also develop a page on your website offering a consultancy or freelancing service. You can offer things like being a virtual assistant, copy writer, logo designer etc. This will convert some visitors into interested clients and they will contact you for help.

Links recap

We mention these links on the earlier paragraphs,

Building the content +++

This is the most important part of building a successful website. Without having content, they won’t come and your investment will have no returns. Contents can be,

  1. Blog article content
  2. Page content
  3. Downloadable content
  4. Email content
  5. Interactive (audio/video) content
  6. Resources

Blog article content: This is when you write an article as a blog post. If you have written a number of articles and waiting to publish online, make sure you publish them as “posts” in wordpress and allow comments. This will make the search engines follow your blog and people will interact.

Page content: Static pages on wordpress, they don’t usually get updated a lot. Such as you have a page where you have added your biography, you won’t be updating that page quite often when it is done. Most of the time, they get a good position along with your home page.

Downloadable content: Such as an ebook you wrote; you upload it on server and make it available for download for offline use.

Email content: This is called email marketing; you can offer information in a form of email newsletters. People who sign up for your mailing list, only they will get the content. Aweber is a leading name in email marketing but it costs $20/ month for its service. We are on a budget plan so you can use MailChimp that offer free email delivery service.

Interactive (audio/video) content: Why limit your creativity in texts? You can record your voice for a podcast or upload videos on youtube for a video blog. The main content that I produce is video for my other site, ThesisThemeDesign.

Resources: Always do share great information, article and links to other websites or authors.

How to bring them to my site? +++

All your efforts will depend on what kind visitors you get and how many of them you get. In any way you need more traffic for your success but since we are now using 3 methods of monetizing (Pay Per Click Ads, Affiliate banners/ links & Consultancy/ Freelance services) you will still make money, loyal visitor without having to worry about the traffic.

When you create the content part (in the last section I mentioned) you will have a 50% rate of success, because content is the king. Now in this marketing part, you will have to do the rest. PS: I won’t share any paid methods because I haven’t paid for traffic ever and since it’s a budget plan, we take everything that will save money.

  1. SKIP the “submitting your site on search engines”
  2. Article marketing
  3. Interactive marketing
  4. Social media promotion
  5. Building your base
  6. Extra traffic tips

SKIP the “submitting your site on search engines”: When you will use any of the new media web application to build your website, such as wordpress, you don’t have to submit your link to search engines. Search engines will find your site and index you in.

Article marketing: You have to write articles for your blog, the same way you write a few articles for article directories such as EzineArticles. When posting your article, add a link back to your website and you will get some traffic + backlink to your websites.

Interactive marketing: Remember I told you about videos and podcasts? The great thing is you can share the same video on video sharing sites like youtube, vimeo, revver and many more. This will help your video go viral and attract more eye balls on your websites.

Social media promotion: Use your facebook account to promote new post, videos and updates to have a boost. There are other social sites such as twitter, myspace that will help you promote your site.

Building your base: When you are building a website, take advantage of other free platforms. Such as your twitter account, facebook group, people on your mybloglog community etc. A small number of people on different sites could be converted into a big number of visitors.

Extra traffic tips: Add your website link on your email signature; you can attract a number of people to your site with this method. Post your website link on forum and as your forum signature. Do comment on other related blogs and add your website link. Do offline promotions like adding the URL on your business cards.

The main action plan

So far we have spent $20 for a domain name and one month worth of web hosting. We will keep the rest of $80 to support the site for up to 8 more months. That means with a budget of $100, we can run a website for 9 months. That’s a long time and will be easy to return your investment.

We have set google adsense and infolinks on your web site to earn money from CPC (cost per click) ads. And then we have set affiliate products/ banners on the site for commissions. Also we did a services page to offer freelance services from you.

By the time you build your content and approach on getting traffic, you will figure out which method among 3 will work best for you. Side by side you will also earn some money from other sources. This is a surefire way to get back your investments within this time.

The flipping method of getting your investment back

Before you run out of your investment, keep the last $20 for flipping the site. A web site flipping means selling the site to another person. Flippa is a website that allows buying and selling websites. When you feel it will be wise to sell your website to get the money back, flip your website.

If you run your website for more than 6 months + it is good on traffic and content, you can easily sell this site on flippa for 100, 200, 300 or even more if it’s the right site for the right person. Keep the last $20 because there is a fee for listing the site on the auction.


  • Choose a low BIN (buy it now) price, such as $150, $200 so buyers can buy it instantly and you get your ROI
  • Set a small time for the auction (7-15 days) so it will be an urgent deal and people will buy it urgently
  • Add google analytics and earnings reports on the listingg to make the site valuable

Promote your site with free ads

If you got web hosting from HostGator, you will receive $50 free credit of google adwords and $25 free credit of facebook ads. This means you get $75 in free ads. You can promote your site by using your free credit. Do make sure that your site is ready with content to keep that traffic.

Content building tips

  • Write new and informative articles, kind of articles that people will search for
  • Write more often, daily if possible
  • Make bigger articles into smaller posts

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