How to Start a Blog That Matters To Your Readers

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Starting a blog is very easy now days. You can start a blog within 5 minutes with just a click of a few buttons. But just starting a blog is not all; it’s about building a blog that matters.

How to Start a Blog That Matters To Your Readers

Ask a few questions to yourself,

Will starting a blog help people who will be reading your blog?

The people who will read your blog, will they link back and share your articles?

Will you be able to make any money from your blog?

Will you be proud of your blog?

Will you be able to continue writing for years?

You can have a blog that really matters to your readers if all or most of the answers above were positive. Let’s find out how you can start a blog that really matters to your readers,

Start a Blog to Really Help People

Your readers can easily sense whether you are writing to help others or just to make money. It is okay to make money from blogging, but the main intention of a blog should be helping people. A blog that has been created to help people, gets more respect and link love. You can start a blog to share your expertise, the tips, the do’s and do not’s. Help people to inform about a topic. “How to” blogs on the internet are the most popular blogs. You can build a better blog just by sharing your knowledge.

Some tips to help people,

  • Share your knowledge
  • Respond to questions
  • Learn more on your topic
  • Solve something for a complete newbie

Improve Your Writings And Have It Reflect Your Personality

I am a blogger, not a copywriter. English is not even my first language. Still I learned how to write well with practice. You should see my early blog writings; they were full of mistakes, grammar errors. But as I learned how to be a better writer, I became a better blogger. I developed a voice of my own. Think like this, if everyone is writing about a same topic, then what is the thing that makes one author stand out? It’s all about the writing style. Your writing will reflect your personality.

A few tips to write better,

  • Read other blogs and see how they write
  • Use short paragraphs to make it easy to read
  • Add sense of humor in your blog posts
  • Use videos and images from the internet to attract readers

Let People Know That You Are a Real Person

Anonymous blogging days are over. Now in this new internet world if you want to succeed in blogging then you have to let people know about you. As a blogger you will become a public figure. You can no longer remain hidden behind a pen name. Add an about page on your blog. Write a bio of yourself. Who you are what you do and why you are blogging. People want to know the person before they want to take the advice. Additionally you have to offer a method so that your blog readers can contact you through email. You can achieve this with a contact page.

Offer Blog Subscription Options

When someone new visits your blog, your blog will have very less time to impress them. Afterwards you need a way for them to subscribe and get back to your blog later. The very basic way for blog subscription is the old fashioned email and RSS feeds. You can sign up for RSS and add the subscription option to your blog. The latter option is to add social media subscription buttons. You can create 3 social media pages dedicated solely for your blog: Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Your reader can subscribe though any of the social media links and then get your new articles.

Blog Often & Blog Consistently

If you want to start a blog that matters to your audience, then give them a valid reason to come back and read from you. That reason is new and updated fresh content. When you write more, you get the chance to reach more audience, links and recommendations. Make it a commitment to write more for your blog. You can set a weekly or monthly goal for blogging. Say you want to blog 10 times a month. The more fresh content you can put together on your blog, the bigger your blog will become. Take a look at this snake, the more it eats, the more it grows:

Big snake is a big deal. It is worth more and it has more points.

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  1. Hi Tamal,
    I have read your post from up to down very carefully. Your post is really awesome. I am a freelance article writer in odesk. I have a blog of my own. That is on Food and Tea. I always update it with recent posts. But I am not satisfied with by blog because I expect more from this site.
    Can you tell me what is the problem in my blog site? Moreover, my pagerank sometimes show N/A and sometimes 0. How can I increase the pagerank of my blog? I also share my posts in google plus and facebook. Thanks

    1. Hi man, you have to make your website appealing. Perhaps changing the design. The way to get more page rank is to write more articles.

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