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Start a Blog For FreeIn this post I will outline how to start a blog for free. Since the 2000s there has been a massive revolution for blogging. Now there are more platforms where you can start a blog for free. I will outline the most popular platforms you can use to get started your free blog right away!

I don’t have to tell you again that why you should blog. Blogging is a way of sharing your expertise & building an audience.

#1 Blogger

Yet the most popular blogging platform of the internet. BlogKori originally started on this free forever platform. Google owns blogger and you will have free web hosting and a free sub domain in this platform.

To start blogging on blogger, go to and sign up for a free account. Choose your blog url and start blogging!

How to Start a Blog For Free on Blogger

When you start a free blog your blog address will be something like:

Blogger has lots of features built in like template designer, widgets, custom pages and many more. With blogger you can put adsense on your blog automatically (since adsense is a part of google)

Some say that google gives an extra boost to blogspot blogs with adsense ads on it.

Here are the pros of blogging in blogger platform:

  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  • Custom domain feature
  • Adsense & other ads support
  • The google advantage

Don’t forget the cons:

  • Your blog can be deleted without notice
  • Lots of spam blogs on the network
  • Very hard to get a good sub domain

Blogspot is ideal for text based blog content. Follow the rules and you won’t be in trouble. Did you know you can design your own theme in blogspot –read this article!

More on this here: Start a blog using Blogger/Blogspot platfom

#2 WordPress

WordPress (the free version) is the #2 recommendation if you want to have a cleaner and better platform for blogging. You will need to sign up for a wordpress ID to start your blog. WordPress urls are

How to Start a Blog For Free on WordPress

Without any doubt wordpress is the top notch, high quality community. When you write an article you will get visitors from the wordpress community automatically.

The pros of platform

  • Much cleaner & spam free platform
  • Lots of themes & templates to choose from
  • Built in options for form, share & poll
  • Compatibility for mobile, iphone & ipad devices

The cons

WordPress has most of the advanced features blocked behind a paid subscription. So this means any of the better functionality that you can get in the paid plan, is not available in the free version.

  • No custom domain name
  • Ads in your blog
  • Can’t use your own ads/adsense
  • No plugins
  • No custom design
  • Limited space & bandwidth

For starter I would recommend you to go ahead and start blogging under wordpress platform for a better experience.

#3 Tumblr

Blogging + photo blogging + micro blogging = tumblr.

This is a cool web 2.0 blog platform where most users are photographers and travelers. This is mainly a photo blogging platform.

Go to and start your first blog. Your blog url will be

How to Start a Blog For Free on Tumblr

Rather than old fashioned text posts, this platform features on other mediums like photo, video & audio.

The users can follow a blog and reblog/share the post from their blog.

Let’s see the pros of blogging on tumblr

  • Rich media blogging, text, image, video, audio & 3 more
  • Almost unlimited amount of disk space
  • Lots of free designs
  • Custom domain option

And the cons

  • Not mainly a blogging platform
  • The community are not serious bloggers
  • Lack of plugins & customization

If you like to blog for a hobby and want to post lots of rich content, then tumblr is the platform for free blogging.

More on this here: Start your hobby blog in Tumblr

Above 3 blogging platforms are free to register and easy to start a blog.

Okay, I started a blog, now what?

Start writing new posts on your blog and start rocking the world!

19 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog For Free”

  1. HI
    well explained article. Very useful for any one who is want to start blogging. I would recommend using WordPress blog to all new bloggers. thanks for sharing this with us

    1. Yeah Bryan, wordpress is a cool platform. By the way are you mentioning about the free or self hosted platform? I talked about the free version since its about blogging for free.

  2. a professional blogger should not choose a free platform since the blog you will write for, actually not owning by you. But it is a nice way to understand what is blogging. I started my first blog with blogger, after posting some articles i began to receive a good number of visitors. Unfortunately, google deleted my blog for spamming reason. But all of the articles were written by me and unique. Though they restored my blog after two days, since then i don’t dare to put any more effort on that blog. Btw, its a really informative and well written post.

    1. Thank you bro, yes we (level 2 bloggers) know that pro blogging means self hosted option. But this article was meant for the newbie in blogging who could start for free. I hope this will help out the beginners.

  3. Good one. I got rid of that ugly “Upgrade to Pro” on my account. 😀 I use that for personal blogging purpose where I don’t really need much customization and the likes.

    However, I’ve noticed that Blogger’s UI is now far greater than WordPress’. I’m a WordPress addict and it hurt me to discover that WordPress takes too long time to ‘open’ the Add New Post panel compared to that of Blogger. You might wanna check out this post about how Blogger is faster than WordPress after recent updates.

    1. Good input my friend. WordPress loads slow I experienced it when I first started to blog from my old computer. It was painful. Blogger UI + the whole setup is somehow still in the stone ages in my opinion, while wordpress has improved just like it’s self hosted brother. So how much it costed you for premium?

  4. Dear Tamal, I have started a free blog “ I would like to know how to make money using my blog. Shall I go for a paid domain? I also like to know how to setup youtube account with adsense.

    Please help.

  5. Mohammed Alamin

    hey bro you got 1 thing wrong “Your blog can be deleted without notice” . It can’t be until you are not following their terms & condition. If you put content that google doesn’t allow your blog will be deleted. But if you do something in their terms & condition [which is almost everything] they can’t do any thing

    1. Since blogger owns your blog they can and there has been many times where they have deleted an established blog. Google is very nasty with these things and they won’t even reply to your email.

  6. hi, tamal thanks put the article. you should need more information fo new man , can you tell me any bangla tutorial for started bloging.

  7. K M Ziaul Haque

    Tamal, thanks for your post. Its really helpful for creating a new blog site. After reading the whole page several questions
    arises in my mind.
    1. Is it a blog site or web site?
    2. Which one did you use here, or
    3. How long do you need to update this site weekly?
    4. How much do you earn with this site monthly?
    5. Is typing speed a great factor for a blogger? If yes, please mention your one.
    6. Where are you living right now? (Never mind, its a personal question.)
    I am waiting for your answers. I thing your answers would be helpful for a newcomer.
    K M Ziaul Haque.

    1. Thanks for the comment, here are my answers,

      1. Is it a blog site or web site?
      -Blog + Website
      2. Which one did you use here, or
      -I used wordpress
      3. How long do you need to update this site weekly?
      -Have to update on a regular basis, now I update roughly 3 times a week
      4. How much do you earn with this site monthly?
      -It’s a bit private but roughly around TK 10,000-20,000 every month
      5. Is typing speed a great factor for a blogger? If yes, please mention your one.
      -Does not matters, the writing quality matters.
      6. Where are you living right now? (Never mind, its a personal question.)
      -I live in Bangladesh.

  8. hi Tamal
    You are a great man . I need your help . Please explain where , how you get your master card ? I need one .

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