How to set stronger and un-breakable passwords?

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Are you a person like me who got account in different social site, community and in blogs? Then you must have set the same password in every place, right? It’s hard to remember password of every single site and this is the main reason to set one password for every account. But what’ll happen when someone breaks that pass? You’ll be locked from all of your account once and for all.

For an example, if my email account gets hacked, all of my passwords, domains and hosting data will be lost; or even worst if that person manually changes all of my other account passwords!

Sounds terrible right? Now here’s a trick that will help you set an easy but stronger password. Most of the time we set easy passwords like “blackberry”, “NewYork”, “TamalAnwar” etc. Now take your password and remake it by replacing some letters with numbers. S can be replaced with 5, O can be replaced by 0(zero) E can be replaced by 3 and so on…

blackberry = b14ckb3rry
newyork = n3wy0rk
tamalanwar = t4m414nw4r

To make your passwords different for each sites, you can add another part on it. Like if the password is for yahoo, then add an extra YH at the end of your password like this,


At the same way you can use FB for facebook,


By doing this, you’ll have the same password for all sites but unique ones. Just remember the actual orders and the prefix. You can also combine upper case letters like,


Your password is already too much complicated, so don’t use upper case combinations, or else you’ll be get locked with your own password!

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  1. This is an extremely important subject. One of my friends lost many of his accounts due to someone stealing his passwords. Thanks for this.

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