How to move your blogger blog to wordpress?

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Back in January 2009, I moved BlogKori from blogger to wordpress. I had the domain setup under blogspot that I had to point on my own server. The problem was that I had about 80 posts which I want them in my new wordpress blog. I knew that at some point, I’d receive this question “How I did that?” Few weeks ago, I received this email from Ranjeet and I sent a personal email to him with the solution. Now I feel that I should write an in depth post about this topic, so read below,

Hi Tamal,
This is Ranjeet from a blogger from India. Dude, I have some queries which i want to be cleared. I just pissed off by blogger. Now I am planning to by some webspace and want to host independently using wordpress or joomla.
So, I have following queries:

1) I bought my domain via i.e from google. How can I use the same domain when I will buy my own webspace?

4) How did you sift from blogger to wordpress? Did you buy your own webspace?

I want you to answer these questions. I really need your expert suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,
Ranjeet Kr. Vimal

Moving your blog from blogger to wordpressSo I don’t know why you had a bad feeling with blogger, I’m a big fan of blogspot; my very first blog and part of BlogKori was built upon that. But I can assure you, if you’ve used wordpress software, then you will not going to use blogspot ever again! Here are few tips to move your blogspot blog to wordpress,

Get a good web host!

By wordpress, we mean the self hosted version and not the blog. You need to have a good piece of web space before you can start your blog. Get a good web hosting service, I highly recommend: Hostgator ~get the baby paln and you’ll have unlimited domains and websites in a single account.

Point your domain to your web host

You’ll need a domain to use with your wordpress blog. Buy a new domain or use the existing one. Change the name servers and point it to your web hosting service.

Setup wordpress blog

Install a new copy of wordpress using fantastico. Set up the most recommended plugins and look around to your new dashboard.

How to redirect my traffic from the blogspot blog?

For an example, I have a blog called Now when I’ll set a new domain like, all of my readers typing will be redirected to

Now that’s a good thing for blogger blogs, but what if I’ve created a new blog on wordpress? Usually, people put a board on their blog saying: “This blog has been moved to” Now I have a better idea to solve this issue.

Go to your domain control panel and create a subdomain. For an example, I created Now you have to set it up with your old blogspot blog. Change the DNS settings of your subdomain to ~read this post to get detailed info on changing domain of blogspot. If you’re unable to access the DNS settings, contact your web hosting provider to change it for you.

Now when you’ll type, it will redirect you to Okay that’s not it! Again, go your your domain control panel and select a redirect for Now redirect to So let’s see what will be the results, > >

That’s a lot of redirects but that’s worth your effort, sending the old visitors to your new blog.

How to move my posts from blogspot to wordpress?

Now that’s the hardest part of this session and I don’t want to remember that! There’s a way to migrate your blogspot blog to wordpress but that didn’t worked for me. You have to manually copy the posts one by one from blogger and paste them to your new wordpress blog. Now the more posts you have, the harder it will get. Remove internal links from your posts and re-post them in the new date.


You have to pay a bigger price to enjoy your old blog in wordpress. First, you’ll lose your permalinks. Meaning that, any bookmarks and links pointing to the internal pages will be lost. It’s harder and almost impossible to match the old permalink structure.

You will lose all of your comments, because they are stored on blogspot. That made me feels the worse when I moved to WP. I lost lots of great conversations in the old BlogKori. All of your posts will have 0 comments.

People, who will type the old permalink, will see an error page “Page not found” ~so it can be an annoying thing for your readers.

SEO will be hurt in this process. Your domain will have the same rank but because your old pages are lost, old page ranks and SEO values will be gone. The new pages have to be ranked again and you have to build the links once again.

Benefits 🙂

After all of the hardwork and sacrifice, you’ll get a great new blog. Get a new WP theme. Of course, WP themes are extremely professional and neat. Install a range of plugins that will boost your blog.

You now own your blog and don’t have to worry that google will delete your blog. You never have to hack your codes for a new option; the plugins will do that for you. WP will save a lot of time in blogging. “A list” bloggers use wordpress, so you’ll feel proud about that.

31 thoughts on “How to move your blogger blog to wordpress?”

  1. Aminul Islam Sajib

    Once upon a time, I had a huge gallery of blogs when I was trying to actually figure out what a blog is and how much potential does it have. I transferred several blogs from wordpress to blogger and from blogger to wordpress. Yes, domain redirecting is a little bit tough but fetching post from wordpress is easier than you said in the post.

    WordPress has a tool to “Import” posts from other blog sources which includes Blogger — even from RSS. From there, you will have to authorize WordPress to access your blogger blog and WordPress will fetch all posts including categories in a few moments.

    This option is located under the “Tools” menu in wordpress administration area.

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    1. Aminul Islam Sajib

      Sorry, one mistake at the last line of the first paragraph. I meant, fetching posts from blogger is easier than you said in the post.

      1. Yeah I know that but it’s not possible in this case; I know better than you and the topic has been researched for 6 months before publishing ~not any cheap saw and publish sort of blogger I am.. I research everything before sharing.

      2. Aminul Islam Sajib

        Aww, I didn’t even guess that you will be this much serious though I’m interested to see where I said that you know less than me.

        I just shared my knowledge and it is not impossible that one significant point is missed by you.

        And if you think I’m a saw-and-publish type of blogger, then okay fine. I don’t know anything.

        Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Are you using WordPress 2.8? Upgrade to 2.8.1 to stay safe

      3. Hello Aminul!

        Don’t take it personally bro, each of us is unique. We have our own expertise and weaknesses. Just keep up the work bro…..

      4. Ohh, Aminul, I never meant that to you! I have told about the import feature in the article and also said it didn’t worked for my case.. that means some other people will have to problem too and I need to describe my method.

  2. Anterpreet Singh

    Hi Tamal
    Nice tutorial, I am also thinking to shift to wordpress but I would prefer to keep my blogspot blog as it is now, add a message to shift to new blog address, add recent posts widget to show recent posts from new blog. and start the wp as a new blog 😉

  3. Great tutorial. We just finished moving a few blogger blogs over to WordPress and didn’t have any troubles.

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  4. This a good article. I have had a good experience on wordpress.

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  5. Hello people,

    I am aware that WordPress has an import tool to make it easier to transfer one’s content, and blogger is one of the options. The things that I don’t understand; WHY, in this situation it became inapplicable? Maybe there is something wrong with the blog.

    Anyway, thanks Amal for bringing this problem, this is unusual. Blogspot will never be as good as I believe it would for starting up a blog, if this case will continue. I thought, it can be easily imported. So, to all wannabe bloggers this post will be a lesson to learn. A good source of evaluation whether you start free with blogspot and go through the hardships as mentioned above, when you decide to take full control of your Blog or start straight with WordPress. Yes you will invest some bucks but you will not waste your time and hard works.

    In my conclusion, if you are serious on blogging be it your hobby or whatever, use WordPress. But if you are not or don’t have a long term goal, blogspot maybe enough.

    1. I know about the import tool but everytime you try to import from blogspot, wp shows an error. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hi

    The move to WordPress is well worth it isn’t it. I used to have a blog on Blogger and another self-hosted website based on a different CMS (Xoops). I’ve transferred them both to WordPress and I’m very glad I did.

    The range of themes and plugins available is just amazing!

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    1. Of course, when you have a well established blog with lots of posts.. and starting a new blog means starting and writing them all over again.

  7. Migrating from Blogger to WordPress without losing pagerank and SEO has long been possible. Yah! as what you have said by using the export/import tool provided by both weblogs. Though it needs to be done carefully and at least you have better knowledge to do so.
    On the other hand, let us give Blogkori a credit by expressing and trying to make solutions on his own. May be his solution is not as good as the other but his effort is worth to be recognized. To some point “one’s food is someone’s poison” it might be the situation of Blogkori is different from the one you that have given, the reason he got this kind of solution.

    By the way thanks also for your effort, for the links. More power to you Swashata.

    xavierlee’s latest blog post..xavier_lee: Enterprise Friendly Social Network Dashboard PeopleBrowsr Launches Real-Time Search

    1. Basically seeing many posts on Blogkori I really expect only Good or better say best articles on blogkori! Thats where the frustration came! Sorry If I have hurt anyone 🙂

      Swashata’s latest blog post..Optimizing the Adsense positioning on your Blogger Blog directly from Template XML

      1. Well, you are a blogspot user and have used WP for the first time recently, but bragged out like you’re an WP expert for years.. If you want to succeed online/offline or what ever you’re on to, then you must learn from others. No matter how you perform, you can’t refuse the fact that I’m blogging for longer than you do. So next time you better be careful what you’re saying.

      2. Couldn get the meaning of being careful actually! Neways I have been expecting much more quality articles from blogkori and thats why I said this! Even I also didn used to know how to move blogger > WP but after a bit googling [now that does take you to be a savvy] I found many 301 perma redirection methods!

        Neways, perhaps I be a little careful on not expecting quality articles from blogkori!

        btw, I think WP is powered by php and I have onto programming field since a long time! and who told you I have used WP for first time recently! I am working with WP since 3-4 months locally on my machine. I have been doing experiments with many plugins as well!! and talking about learning well I am pretty serious on to it. Thats where the frustration came! I hope you are getting my points! Dont mind bro… There would have been a better way to talk anyways… Crap was the method you told! Atleast you could have googled it yourself!!

  8. Good article 🙂 I also switched with one of my blogs from blogger to wordpress, but I used that import tool with no problems…

    IngaOz’s latest blog post..Cligs: Short URLs With Analytics, Social Media Monitoring And Geotargeting

      1. Thats why it is recommended to install WordPress locally on your machine through XAMPP! This makes a apache websever on your machine and also preinstalls php, mysql etc. Means you can get a LAMP environment on your windows PC through XAMPP (Google for it!) Then after importing blogger posts to your local WP export to XML and then import to the original WP through WP XML file saved! 🙂

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  9. Insurance Guy

    Thanks for the tips! I’m trying to start my own blog so I’m reading as much as possible.

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  10. My blog was originally on blogger and had to be moved to WordPress: I wish I had read more posts like yours before making the move (and I wish I knew a lot more about SEO optimization before making the move): it was something that I really should have done with more care.

    Still, I think moving from blogspot to wordpress has to be done, and you say it rather directly towards the end of your post: it’s just too much of a risk to produce enormous amounts of good content but be subject to google’s (arbitrary) rule. One is responsible for one’s content, and should take ownership.

  11. I love your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.

    Looking forward to reading more posts by you.

    .-= Carl´s last blog ..Web Service » Killer Tips For Beginners to Choose Web Hosting Service =-.

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