Back in January 2009, I moved BlogKori from blogger to wordpress. I had the domain setup under blogspot that I had to point on my own server. The problem was that I had about 80 posts which I want them in my new wordpress blog. I knew that at some point, I’d receive this question “How I did that?” Few weeks ago, I received this email from Ranjeet and I sent a personal email to him with the solution. Now I feel that I should write an in depth post about this topic, so read below,

Hi Tamal,
This is Ranjeet from a blogger from India. Dude, I have some queries which i want to be cleared. I just pissed off by blogger. Now I am planning to by some webspace and want to host independently using wordpress or joomla.
So, I have following queries:

1) I bought my domain via i.e from google. How can I use the same domain when I will buy my own webspace?

4) How did you sift from blogger to wordpress? Did you buy your own webspace?

I want you to answer these questions. I really need your expert suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,
Ranjeet Kr. Vimal

Moving your blog from blogger to wordpressSo I don’t know why you had a bad feeling with blogger, I’m a big fan of blogspot; my very first blog and part of BlogKori was built upon that. But I can assure you, if you’ve used wordpress software, then you will not going to use blogspot ever again! Here are few tips to move your blogspot blog to wordpress,

Get a good web host!

By wordpress, we mean the self hosted version and not the blog. You need to have a good piece of web space before you can start your blog. Get a good web hosting service, I highly recommend: Hostgator ~get the baby paln and you’ll have unlimited domains and websites in a single account.

Point your domain to your web host

You’ll need a domain to use with your wordpress blog. Buy a new domain or use the existing one. Change the name servers and point it to your web hosting service.

Setup wordpress blog

Install a new copy of wordpress using fantastico. Set up the most recommended plugins and look around to your new dashboard.

How to redirect my traffic from the blogspot blog?

For an example, I have a blog called Now when I’ll set a new domain like, all of my readers typing will be redirected to

Now that’s a good thing for blogger blogs, but what if I’ve created a new blog on wordpress? Usually, people put a board on their blog saying: “This blog has been moved to” Now I have a better idea to solve this issue.

Go to your domain control panel and create a subdomain. For an example, I created Now you have to set it up with your old blogspot blog. Change the DNS settings of your subdomain to ~read this post to get detailed info on changing domain of blogspot. If you’re unable to access the DNS settings, contact your web hosting provider to change it for you.

Now when you’ll type, it will redirect you to Okay that’s not it! Again, go your your domain control panel and select a redirect for Now redirect to So let’s see what will be the results, > >

That’s a lot of redirects but that’s worth your effort, sending the old visitors to your new blog.

How to move my posts from blogspot to wordpress?

Now that’s the hardest part of this session and I don’t want to remember that! There’s a way to migrate your blogspot blog to wordpress but that didn’t worked for me. You have to manually copy the posts one by one from blogger and paste them to your new wordpress blog. Now the more posts you have, the harder it will get. Remove internal links from your posts and re-post them in the new date.


You have to pay a bigger price to enjoy your old blog in wordpress. First, you’ll lose your permalinks. Meaning that, any bookmarks and links pointing to the internal pages will be lost. It’s harder and almost impossible to match the old permalink structure.

You will lose all of your comments, because they are stored on blogspot. That made me feels the worse when I moved to WP. I lost lots of great conversations in the old BlogKori. All of your posts will have 0 comments.

People, who will type the old permalink, will see an error page “Page not found” ~so it can be an annoying thing for your readers.

SEO will be hurt in this process. Your domain will have the same rank but because your old pages are lost, old page ranks and SEO values will be gone. The new pages have to be ranked again and you have to build the links once again.

Benefits 🙂

After all of the hardwork and sacrifice, you’ll get a great new blog. Get a new WP theme. Of course, WP themes are extremely professional and neat. Install a range of plugins that will boost your blog.

You now own your blog and don’t have to worry that google will delete your blog. You never have to hack your codes for a new option; the plugins will do that for you. WP will save a lot of time in blogging. “A list” bloggers use wordpress, so you’ll feel proud about that.