How to make readership? Commenting on other blogs

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In blogging, visitors are the main fuel of your success. The ultimate goal for any blog would be to have maximum readers in their blog. Readers are not the people who will come to your blog and go away. They are the people who will come to your blog regularly and like to come back. If you desire to have lots of visitors, you will get them. But don’t just work for visitors, look for readers.

The easy way to find readers is to search on google for other blogs. If you are blogging about mobile phones, search about mobile phone blogs in google. Now go to the blog and interact with readers. The best way to do this is to leave interesting comments on their articles. You can learn about the things the blogger has done to his blog. Be nice and introduce yourself. Make regular comments; not just any comments, leave useful comments. In this way the readers will come to your blog to see what you have to offer and the blog owner will come and contact you too.

As you learn more, keep coming and I will share more ways to make readership

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