How to make a person follow your blog forever?

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Now this is not a post about how to get more traffic, how to get more RSS readers or about how to make others join your blog’s community. Making a person follow your blog is something different than making some people subscribe to your blog.

What is my identity on the internet?

Before you try to bring some people to your blog and let them read from you, first you will have to introduce yourself. Creating an ‘about page’ or at least a contact page on your blog will help you to bring yourself in front of the audience.

Your readers are people and they will want to know about yourself, where you from and what you do. As the author you will have the chance to keep your privacy as you want but the best way to make your readers attracted to your blog is to add your bio in your blog.

You can post your own picture and a little about yourself on the blog to highlight yourself. Using the real name is the best option and this way you can easily brand your name too. Now you have to provide some ways to connect with you. The best way to do this is to add your social profiles on your blog like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

As a blogger you have joined social platforms to promote your blog or started to blog after building a social profile. If you connect your blog with your social platform, this will help you to make your blog more personalized and interactive.

Who are my readers and what they want from me?

Your blog visitors are people, not computers. If you want to make them as your regular readers, you will have to communicate with them with your blog and have to solve their problems. People likes to read a blog because he likes the person behind this blog.

You have to put things and tools to communicate with others in your blog. Use email addresses, chat box, comments options and other ways where people can communicate with you. The more readers who will interact with your blog, the more active your blog will be and the more success you will have.

The most important thing which makes a visitor comes back to your website is because he is treated well in your blog. If you reply to the comments, help the person and answer his question, if you mention him and his work in your blog post, that person will like to comeback again and again in your blog.

They will follow you because you are their leader

Every blogger follows another blogger and this is the way the blogsphere works. Small blogs follow big blogs and new blogs follow small blogs. New people in blogging follows the new blogs and this is how it goes on. The person starts to follow your blog because you are something different to him. At the same way you are following another blogger too.

Most of the bloggers like to follow a small blog or the blog which is near to him because he might get ignored if he would follow a huge blog. If you want more followers and want them to bring new ones, then you have to focus on your followers.

Making your followers stick to your blog is not a big deal. You have to response to them, have to connect with your readers, have to reply their comments and have to help them with new articles.

Avoid being self centered

Most of the blogs lose their originality because of being too much self centered. If you become personal in your blog, that’s fine like you can post about your achievements on the internet or about the latest page rank update but if you only focus on you, your readers will go away.

Your readers are looking for help and the way they can have new informations. But most of the time bloggers forget about their readers once they succeed to get 20-30 thousands RSS readers or making $20,000 per month. JohnChow is one example where he is now writing ‘what he is doing today, where he had his lunch, how he went to the blog expo’ etc. These posts don’t help your readers and makes them go away.

Your readers can get mad of you if you only post about these things, ‘Wow I received $50, I got my check, I paid my bills’ and many others like, ‘I commented on a Page Rank 3 blog, I got alexa rank of …, My RSS readers reached 100’ etc

Just ask your readers

The reason your readers are not connecting with your blog is because you never asked them to connect with you. Ask a lot of questions and let them know that you are just like them and don’t know everything. Your readers will enjoy helping you with new informations.

Ask them to subscribe to your blog RSS and tell them why it is important to them and to you. Ask them to leave a comment on each of your blog post. Not just comments, ask them to post a question or give an answer. If he posted a comment, make it a two way discussion and reply to it. Ask them to link your blog and link their blog too.

Whenever someone connects with you via social networks, don’t forget to communicate with him. If someone new votes for you on social sites, then add him as friend and thank him for that. If you liked one of your readers, connect with him with other networks, read his blog and subscribe.

Do you think this will work?

What do you think about this article? As a blogger, should you focus on only subscribers or your true followers? Do you think true followers are better than regular ones? How do you make people follow your blog?

4 thoughts on “How to make a person follow your blog forever?”

  1. I think making your blog more personal is a great way to go. It always makes good business sense to develop a relationship with your customers in business, so I don’t see why the Internet would be any different.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I am a freelance writer, and I thought it might be fun to start a blog. I understand writing, but I am new to the blogosphere. Your article really has helped me to think about how to write for my blog.


    -Suze, The Soon to be Ex-Fat Chick

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