Disqus Comments

In this step by step guided tutorial you will learn how to install disqus comments system on your wordpress, blogger or tumblr blog.

You all know that discussions and comments make a blog sticky!

If you browse through different big blogs, they have a huge number of readers and those blogs get lots of comments on their posts. Some of them are old and got 100-300 or even 1000 comments. As a new reader to that blog, you will be impressed with that number and that’s the true attraction of blogging.

It may take 10 minutes to read an article but that person will spend hours on your blog to read what everyone is saying about your thoughts and this will inspire him to comment too. Now you are feeling the importance of your blog comments.

Why do you need a custom comment solution?

Simply because default comment platforms suck!

The comment sections of blogger & wordpress are out dated and ugly. You have to fill up your name, email and website url to comment. In the social web people don’t have time to do these things. They need a fast solution to comment on your blog.

In tumblr you don’t even have comments!

Lots of the people in the internet are lazy and they don’t want to comment on blogger blogs. You can easily change your comments system with a wordpress like comments system. This cool commenting tool is called Disqus.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a third party comments system that can be integrated with your blog. It’s super social media friendly, meaning that people who are logged into facebook, twitter or yahoo can use their identity to comment on your blog. It is much less cluttery and spam free.

Disqus is in the business for a long time so I tried out this system on my blogs.

disqus comments intro

Go to disqus.com and click on “Get this on your site” button,

get disqus on your blog

Now add your website details like website url, username, website shortname, email and password to start,

register your site on disqus

Next you have to select your blog platform. My my, disqus covers almost every blog and website platform on the internet. I am impressed! Select your blog platform. By the way you know your blog platform do you? -just kidding!

disqus on every platform

Install disqus comments on self hosted wordpress platform

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Log in to your wordpress admin and click on plugins > add new,

Search for the official “Disqus comment system” and you should find it on the top. Click install now.

install disqus on wordpress

After installing, activate the plugin and you should now see a message on top to configure disqus,

confiqure disqus message

You can also access this page by selecting disqus from comments,

disqus options in wordpress

Now from the options, please use your disqus username and password (you choose on the first step) to login, and click next:

disqus username in wordpress plugin

Now select your blog from this window and click next,

select a website from disqus options

You are done! If you check your wordpress blog you will see the new disqus comments on the posts,

see disqus on your wordpress blog

You are starting from zero, so if you want to get your old blog comments with disqus, then click on this button,

export comments

Click the export comments from this option,

disqus comments import

And wait a few seconds,

processing disqus

completed the process

Rest assure, it will take few hours to see your old comments on your wordpress blog.

Install the disqus comments on blogger (blogspot) blog

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Go to blogger.com dashboard and select your blog. Now go to Settings > Posts and Comments

Now set who can comment to “Anyone”

install disqus in blogger set comment option to anyone

Now go to disqus install comments screen and select blogger,

select blogger from disqus

Now click on this button,

add disqus to blogger

And now from this oauth screen select your blog and the widget name, click “add widget”

add disqus comments to the blogger blog

Now you will see that blogger has added disqus as a widget on the layout. Now drag this widget to the bottom of post area,

drag the disqus element here down in blogger layout

Now click on “Save arrangement” from top right corner of the screen,

save arrangements in blogger layout

You are done! See your new disqus comment live on your blogger blog,

disqus comments on blogger

Install disqus comments on Tumblr blog platform

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Tumblr is a cool blogging platform but it has no built in commenting system. And good for you, installing disqus on tumblr is the easiest thing ever! Just go to your blog’s customization page, click here,

Now on the bottom area where it says disqus shortname, type your disqus shortname (we set this on the first step)

disqus on tumblr

That’s it! You are done, see your tumblr blog with the new disqus comments,

disqus comments on tumblr

With disqus,

  • You can get email updates when there is a new comment
  • You can have your own profile and comment on other blogs with it
  • Set different options, set who can comment, moderate comments
  • Have your blog’s community on, yourname.disqus.com
  • They will stop spam comments

Set up Disqus on your blog and see the difference.

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