How to get more traffic? Use StumbleUpon

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If you have just started to blog or for a while, you better know that how it feels when you are all alone in your blog and no one is visiting your website. When I first started to blog, I worked hard to look for ways to get more traffic to my blog. In the beginning, if I had only 10 visitors a day, I would feel great about my site.
Social bookmarking sites are great to let others know about your blog and they will send a great amount of traffic in no time.

You may be heard about a popular social site called StumbleUpon and may have an account too but if you didn’t understand it, then now I’m going to explain it to you.

When I first started blogging, I joined SU but It didn’t worked for me because I didn’t know how it works. It took me months to learn about it and here it is,

The main thing in SU is their toolbar. Just go to and sign up for a free account. Download the toolbar and start Stumbling!

You can stumble any website while you are on their page. If you liked the page, just click on the Thumbs Up button which says ‘I like it.’ when you will thumbs up on a page, you are recommending this site to SU and they will show it to another user.

If you are on BlogKori, you can click on the ‘I like it‘ button or could click on ‘Stumble‘ button.
This will show you another random page. Actually this is not a random page, its just another page which another user has recommended to SU. You can click on ‘I like it’ if you liked the page and then it will be shown to another user.

If you stumble a page which is not in the SU’s directory, a window will open and tell you that you have discovered this site. Just fill out the page with a short review, select a topic, add tags, select if it is adult or not and then click ‘Submit This Site.’
So how stumble will help me to get traffic?
You can stumble any website and the same way you could stumble your blog pages. In the beginning, each time you stumble, you will get 1 new stumble visitors to your blog. But if you stumble lots of pages from your own blog/ any other blog, you will not get any benefits.

The key is to stumble to sites, discover new webpages and stay on them. You are seeing this page via stumble because some other person has recommended it. So read the page and try to explore it. I found many great websites through stumble.
Just spend some time on stumble and then come to your blog and stumble the best article you got, and you will get 100-200 stumble visitors to your site and if some of them stumble your page too, it will go on and on.

Try to stumble best articles from your blog and you will receive lots of traffic. Another great way to harvest stumble traffic is to get some SU friends. There are lots of people using stumble. Make a good relationship with them. If they become your regular reader, they will come to your site and stumble. You can also add me as friend in SU

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