Most of the time people ask me they’ve created a new blog/site and it’s been months but google didn’t index it. I usually ask them to be patient and wait for google to index the site manually. But what if you’ve created a site for a cause or some limited event that you don’t want to miss a single visitor from google?

How to get indexed in google within 48 hours Blogkori
For an example, your company is going on a trade expo and has created a special website about that. Usually people don’t remember domain names and they prefer to google that and to see what google is saying about that website. For new bloggers, it’s a great thing to appear on google search results and most people give much more value to a site that’s listed on goog.

When I created DhakaSALE and shared with a business contact; he googled the site and no results were found. The expression was like “If it’s not on google, then it’s not worth sharing.” -the site took nearly 2 months to appear on google search but now I’m able to get a new site indexed in google within 2 days ~that’s 48 hours. Here are some steps to do that,


Just after you registered your domain and created a site, it won’t call any search bots until there’s any content. You have to create some content or at least the first page. The site also has to be crawler friendly and you must use valid codes for your site HTML. You can validate your website HTML with W3C.

Meta data

Create Meta data for your home page. Write a good relevant title description and 10 good keywords. A good way to do that is to brainstorm the concept of your site. First determine what’s your site about? For an example, your blog is about “Cheap graphics cards.” Now try to write down 10 most important topics you’re about to cover. These 10 topics are the blog category and 10 keywords.

Now point out which 3-4 topics you’ll write most on your new blog. Those will be added on the description. Write a description within 150 characters that covers 3-4 of your important keywords. Finally take top 2 keywords to be added as the title. Example,

Title: Make money online with a better blog | BlogKori
Description: A blog about professional blogging, make money online and creating a better blog. The specialties are in social networking and web design
Keywords: make money online, better blog, blogspot tutorials, blog optimization, social traffic, readership

If you’re using wordpress then use the All in one SEO pack plugin to do the meta thing. If you’re using blogger or any other platform, then read this guide about meta.

Invite the crawlers

Now everything’s set on your side, it’s time to invite those crawlers. Submit your site on major search engines such as google, yahoo and msn. Sign up for webmaster tools and submit your sitemap. You can create a sitemap with wordpress with google XML sitemaps plugins; blogger sitemap is located here:; go to this site to create a sitemap for your regular website.

Now submit your website on directories and bookmark your site on couple of social bookmarking sites. Now each time you submit your site on directories, a human visitor will come to your site to check the site. When you’ll add your site on bookmarking sites, automated robots will visit your site. These are the indications to major search engines that this site is worth adding to the index.

Human influence

You can ask your friends to visit the site and link to it. Ask them to comment, take poll and bookmark it. Create squidoo and hubpages about your site and promote that page with social bookmarking sites.

Now days, human influence is taken much more seriously by search engines to determine the popularity of a site. Human interaction can index a new site even within hours after launch. Create post about the new site from your other sites and link to it.

It’s not guaranteed!

Yes it worked for me and couple of my new domains but it’s not guaranteed. Google sets the rule of the internet and it’s up to them if your site will appear on search results or not?