How to Get Advertisers in Your Blog?

getting paid advertisersFor years I have blogged and made money by selling advertisements in my blog. However I haven’t got the chance to share how I got ad deals from my blog. Frankly speaking I haven’t done anything special to get advertisers in my blog but in this article I like to share how to do it. In this fresh new article you will learn how to get the advertisers emailing you for putting ads in your blog.

What Advertisers Want?

Some advertisers want visitors and some want backlinks. And there are other advertisers who just want to be all around the market. So they are more like focused on brand & awareness building. So let me give you a small overview for all these types of advertisers,

  1. Advertisers who want visitors: They are simply looking to increase the number of their web visitors. Look at this way, I spend my time to build my audience and this advertiser can buy some of these visitors. From an advertiser’s point of view, this is the fastest way to gain some quality & targeted visitors. This is also called media buying. The more traffic & engagement you have in your blog the more ads you can get.
  2. Advertisers who want backlinks: Mainly these people are doing the SEO for their client. Want to know more about SEO? Read here. They are buying ads as a backlink, some of them buy just plain links rather than a banner ad. Their main goal is not to get traffic, they just want the link juice. If your blog has a high authority in a particular market, you will get more opportunities like these.  If you have better page rank & alexa rank, you will get even more advertisers.
  3. Advertisers looking for brand awareness: This is a kind of advertiser who won’t care how much traffic or authority you have. These advertisers want to put their name in every site/blog they can. They are building their brand and want to put the ads/links in most sites in the category. So if you are in the category of this buyer and they have spotted you, you will get some sort of ad deal up and running soon!

How to get ads?

Well the hard part of getting advertisers is to make a blog worthy of advertising.

If the answers above are satisfactory, then you will have more chances of getting an advertiser.

Create an advertisement page in your blog and let the advertiser know that you are accepting ads. Submit your blog in major web directories, most of the times these advertisers find new blogs from there. Comment on other related blog, this is also another way of getting new visitors to your blog.

NO Ads in your blog!

Sometimes putting no ads on your blog makes the advertisers WANT to advertise on your blog even more. They will email you to ask if you are accepting ads. If you make your site busy with adsense and other useless banner ads, then it may turn the buyers off. So you can try this method as well.

Make the Ads look PREMIUM QUALITY

Which one of is good, 4 small ads that don’t go well together with your site? Or one large banner ad that matches with your blog design? Make your ad look like it’s a gem and only a few fortunate folks will get access to this spot.

Busy sidebar with ads
Image courtesy 1st Web Designer

Limit Ads

Never put more ads to make more money, instead limit your ads and charge more for the existing ones. When you limit your ads, there comes and urgency so the advertisers will like to pay you a premium for those. Having less ads will make your blog look nicer and load faster too.

Final Words…

Having an advertiser paying you money for your digital ad space sounds wonderful. You can offer text links, paid reviews and even more stuff for a premium fee, but make sure you are not spoiling your blog for this. How much you should charge? You can start by charging low, $10-$50 per month for banners and then increase it over time. Now I want to ask you,

  • Do you offer ads in your blog?
  • How do you get advertisers in your blog?
  • How much you charge for an ad space? (if you like to share)

For me, I started with $5/mo for banner ads way back, then I charged $20, $40, $50 and even $100 a banner. At the moment I am not offering any banner ads for sale in my blog. Maybe in the next article I will share why I am not putting any ads in my blog, till then stay tuned!!

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  1. Such a helpful guide for blogger. This article will be very helpful for those who want more earn from their blog. Thanks Tamal Vai for sharing your knowledge…!

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