How to Find Ideas for Your Next Posts

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Lately, a lot of my friends are asking me on how to get new blog post ideas? Now I can’t explain this on one single email or a tweet, so I decided to dedicate a new post about it.

How to find extremely hot ideas for your next posts? blogkori

1st approach

Take a heavy tool (a hammer would be nice) and then HIT your head with it. All of your frustrations will be gone and there will be new post ideas. -Nah! I’m just kidding.

Instead of forcing your brain for new and innovative blog ideas, let’s see how you can bring new ideas naturally,

You’re not feeling creative

The reason why you’re not finding anything to write is because you’re not feeling creative. A person can’t blog everytime and it depends on your mood. Take some rest and do something else; play video games, outdoor activities, visit a friend and watch TV.

You have a blog phobia!

You have worked hard on your blog and have built a commitment that you’ll post regularly. Sometimes this commitment builds a pressure in you to update regularly. In most cases, bloggers create low quality posts in the sack of updating the blog. Don’t worry for your readers, they’re not going away. I’ve stopped updating my last blog for a long time but still there are people who are reading this blog.

New post ideas

Ideas are in your head and you can write when there’s a blog title. So let’s see some of the useful ways that worked for me to generate new post ideas,

1. Read other blogs

Subscribe to some blogs and read them regularly. You’ll definitely find some new ideas to blog about.

2. Write some headlines

Instead of writing posts, write some headlines for the next week or month. Create a notepad and write those headlines in it. Start writing when you feel creative.

3. Search keywords

Take a look at your google analytics data or any other stats tool and take a look at the keywords. See what keywords visitors are using to find your blog. You can use those keywords to create a brand new post.

4. Ask your readers

You can ask your readers what to write next? You can also take questions from twitter, email and any other way you can. Adding a poll can also help you know what others are expecting, “What else you want to read from my blog?

5. Post with your posts

You can create a post with your older post links mentioned on it. I have wrote many posts that are a collection of links.Β You can also create a second part of a popular post from your blog.

6. Guest posts

Ask your blogger friends to write a guest post on your blog. Sometimes it’ll help you a lot to lose some pressure.

7. Other Media to Get New Ideas

Read books, watch TV shows, radio or even billboards to find brand new ideas for your blog. You can use stumble upon to discover new blog posts and can also read BBC or CNN updates.

17 thoughts on “How to Find Ideas for Your Next Posts”

  1. Reading others monster blog is good idea to find new topics but I think that for heading, use goole Analyticks top search keyword to get more organic visitor and search engine friendly.

    1. @Jakaria Uzzal, this is cool and this is the important method to get new ideas + more SEO optimized post headers. thanks

  2. Eren- chocolate truffles

    I have a whole bunch a rough drafts that I began and never finished – LOL.
    I have several ideas the problem is making them into articles with an introduction, body and a conclusion.
    The idea of reading other blogs is excellent. That always gets the juices flowing πŸ˜‰

    1. @Eren- chocolate truffles, If you have the ideas in draft, then you’ll definitely find some creative time to finish them up. Even a title can give you new ideas to blog.

  3. Smart Boy Designs

    Great thoughts regarding blog posts. Seems to me that many of the times that I’ve had writer’s block – taking a walk or taking a break from blogging always seems to fix the problem.

  4. Anterpreet Singh

    very good post, i demanded you for this πŸ˜›

    Reading other blogs and checking google trends is a very nice idea πŸ™‚

  5. I totally agree with this! Infact some time I get ideas for my next post from the Google News AJAX API I am using on my blog! And this idea is actually good πŸ˜€ Take a heavy tool (a hammer would be nice) and then HIT your head with it. LOL! Sometime I do feel of doing that πŸ˜€

    1. @Swashata, thanks for quoting my words. Sometimes we all feel frustrated about blog posting.

  6. Sorry for the double comment! But on your next post can we expect some advice on social networking site we should use like Reddit, digg etc πŸ™‚

      1. @Tamal Anwar, Cool I am eagerly waiting for that :). Also please include your own personal experience of the effectiveness of the social sites and also easy to use and automated tools available for them! I hope m not asking too much πŸ˜€

  7. Hi

    I like the point about writing posts based on the search terms that people used to find your blog.

    I would suggest that keeping your mind open to other people’s writing by reading lots of blogs/the newspapers or watching the TV news can provide inspiration.


  8. Big fan of writing headlines to get ideas. I often write the headlines and then choose the ones that are most interesting to me.

    After I write the article I often change the headline to a more targeted title, but it is a good way to get me started.

  9. Using StumbleUpon is a great idea for finding new topics because of its randomness.

    Regularly I find inspiration when I tell my friends the things I do online. By doing that you will note that there’s a lot of content unreachable on internet.

    From basics to hard things, there are many topics that you can write about with different perspectives… This way you will get new, fresh and good quality content :).


    1. Yeah Javo, I use SU to find some random content and to get stress free. I got some really cool blogs from SU and lots of cool ideas. Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

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