How to Create Ebooks And Bring Viral Traffic to Your Blog

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From the last year I’ve been creating ebooks and experimenting with my blogs. Since I learned the technique about creating viral ebooks with my older blog posts, this has become a successful technique to spread your content and bring on new and interested visitors.

Ebooks works well because I can create one with a set of similar articles in it and readers can download it and read it. They can read it offline or even on their cell phones and can send it to friends via email.

All ebooks links back to my sites so the more it gets distributed, the more exposure I get. A blogger should give away ebooks for free because you’re not an established writer and no one will pay you for that. Use it as a free resource and you know people loves to get free stuffs! Now let’s see how I created my latest ebook, “A step by step guide for new twitter users”

Step 1 Create your ebook

First you need the content and word processor software. I used my article content and images + Microsoft Word as my word processor. Create a new word file and add and edit content. Each of the word pages are the pages of your ebook. I used the first page as the cover.

create ebooks and bring viral traffic to your blogYou can drag and drop your article and images just from your blog. Please note that the blog version and ebook version are different. I removed additional parts from the articles like, “Please leave a comment; this is the 4th part; grab the RSS etc.” Please also remove any internal links and un-necessary links from the ebook version. Remove images and only use it when needed to keep the ebook size small.

Now you can see, I have added a special footer on the bottom of each page,

ebook footer

header & footer in MS word for your ebook

To do this go to Menu > View > Header and footer of MS word. Now write your header and footer text. I only added footer in my ebook and kept the header blank.

After you create your ebook word file, don’t forget to add your links and credits. I wrote a “Thank you” message at the end of my ebook.

thank you part of the ebook

Now save your word file and begin Step 2.

Step 2 Building the ebook in PDF

This tutorial was done with Adobe Acrobat 6 -which is a paid software. You can also convert your doc in PDF for free.

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Now you’ll need a professional PDF writer. There are plenty of ebook makers available but I prefer creating a PDF file because it’s universal. I used Adobe Acrobat 6 professional for this job.

Adobe acrobat 6 professional for PDF ebook creation
Ha-Ha! That’s a goofy looking office guy!

Importing your ebook in PDF editor

On your PDF panel, create a new PDF file by accessing, Menu > File > Create PDF > From File. Select your word file that you created earlier. Now the software will render the file into a PDF file and the time will depend on the file size. This is the easiest way to render a PDF file. If you create a PDF from a web page or HTML file, then all of the contents will split apart and it will look messy!

importing your ebook in PDF
After that you’ll see your word file in a PDF look. You’ll see a simple quality loss of your images.

Linking text to external websites

Now we have to edit those links. Yes, by rendering from a word file, adobe acrobat has created an image and it doesn’t have to ability to read links. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it!

Click on “Advanced Editing” -located at the top right corner and you’ll see a toolbar like that.

advance editing in adobe acrobat

Now to add links, click on the “Link tool” and draw a box around your link,

link tool

draw a box around your link

You’ll see the Create Link box. Select “Open a web page” and add the URL. Click “OK

open your pdf link in web page

It’s done but the box is still visible. Double click on the box again and you’ll see “Link Properties“; Select “Invisible Rectangle” as the link type and click “Close” Do the same for each link you want to add and use copy-paste if you want to use the same link in many spots.

select invisible rectangle for adobe acrobat

Last minute editing for your ebook

If you want to edit text on the ebook, then selcet the “Touchup tool” from the “Advanced editing” toolbar. Now select any text from your ebook and edit it.

touch up too

Restricting edits and prints, password protection

You must secure your ebook. I prevent printing, copy and editing for all of my ebooks. If I don’t do that, anyone would print it to create their own hand book or edit it to make it their own. You can restrict the usability with adobe acrobat.

Go to Menu > Document > Security > Restrict opening and editing.

Ebook security in adobe
Now on the box you can set a password to read this ebook (Not recommended!) From the “Permissions” set a password, and select “None” as “Printing allowed” and for “Changes allowed

setting password to your ebook

With that password, anyone on the world can edit and print your ebook. Keep that password in a safe place so that you can sell the printing rights in the future or you can even create a printable version of your ebook!

Save and distribute your ebook

After you created and secured your rights, it’s time to save it. Save the file just as you save any other files and start marketing it. You can add the file on your server to let your readers directly download it. I used a third party server called MediaFire.comwhich allows me to know the number of downloads.

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23 thoughts on “How to Create Ebooks And Bring Viral Traffic to Your Blog”

  1. Thats one thing I have always told myself I need to do but have never taken the time to do.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Geoserv’s latest blog post..Pliggs Twitter followers

  2. @JimLittlefield: I use my blog to give away my ebook. You can ask some other people’s help to put it on their site. You can try some free ebook directories, I’m thinking about that and will search some cool places to submit.

    Ebook will go viral because it’s free and easy to share!

  3. @krjx: This post got extremely hot on Stumble within the first hour of submission. You can help me with a little bit of re-tweet, digg or reddit for this post and I’d be thankful to you!

  4. Thanks so much for this great guide Tamal 🙂 Although I think I probably need to have a few more blog posts before I can start to make one.

  5. @Sean: Post regularly and post useful quality contents, ebooks are most desired things online and it makes a blog more attractive.

    By the way keep updated to have my twitter ebook, it’s free off course 😀

  6. Aminul Islam Sajib

    What should I write on eBook 🙁

    Will it do if I write a bangla eBook on any matter?

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..The Bloggers – whose writings know no bound

  7. @Aminul Islam Sajib: There are two things you can do. Writing ebook with new content, or creating an ebook from your old blog articles. It doesn’t matters which language you choose, you’ll need to know how to market it.

  8. Tamal, have you explored any opportunities to embed advertisements in your ebooks? Might be a good way to monetize them.

  9. @krjx: Yes it’s possible to monetize an ebook by putting clickable banners on it, just like the ads you see on books and magazines. But I thought I should give an ad free clean ebook to my readers.

  10. Great article. I found that using openoffice will be much easy to create e-book since they came with a built in option to save in pdf.

  11. With the many subjects out there how do you still create original content?
    There are many ebooks out there, with some covering similar material.
    Maybe I’m thinking too much and limiting myself.
    I should just start writing and not worry what others have done.

    This is good information to start with.


    Robert’s latest blog post..What is Mike Dillard up to now… PPC what?

    1. @Robert, Original contents will come and will keep coming forever. The topic may be the same but the aspect will be different. This is why we love to read the same thing all over and over again 😀

  12. morgan ebook

    If you have a plan to make ebook for commercial purpose, you can firstly use your free ebook to promote it. But don’t set too many steps i.e. put many links to your ebook sale page before the readers can access the free ebook. It will annoy them.

  13. Cartoon Bears

    is there any free website site or tool that can help me bring traffic to my new website ? I am planning to sell beauty supplies online.

  14. Hello Tamal,

    Thanks alot for this timely information.I am just planning my first ebook and this information came at the right time. The part that i can secure my ebook from printing and editing and even sell printing right in future is really an eye opener.

    More grace to your elbow

  15. Hi Tamal,
    After finishing this ebook, where will go?
    I mean do you post it on your blog? Do you need a website? Any info will be helpful thanks.

  16. Esanubi Maurice

    I love your concept, it has open a new chapter in my presentations and how I intend rolling out my ideas from now on.

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