How to create an interesting article structure?

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In this article, I’m not going to tell you what to write and how to write anything in your blog. I just want to explain how your article structure should look like and what does it matters?

Here you can see an image of my first blog back in February 2008. You can see that, the article is a mess. There are no line breaks, any usage of formatting or no paragraph style. This way I had a hard time to attract readers on my blog because they don’t wanted to read this bulk amount of text. I used an image to make it more interesting but still it was not helping much.

One day one of my friend told me that she don’t want to read my articles because its tiring for her eyes to read all of the huge amount of text with no breaks. Then I thought I should separate my articles into short paragraphs to make it easy to read.

On the image, you can see two ads in the bottom of the article. These are affiliate ads and I put them in all of my articles. There were 7 articles in the front page, that means people will get to see the ads 7 times in the main page.

Do you know how much I got paid for the ads? Zero! Because I now have the idea that, putting lots of ads in a page does not work. Actually it works to get your visitors go away from your blog. Having lots of visitors with low ads, increases the results of getting profit.

Here are some tips which will help you to create an interesting article structure,

Use paragraphs

Break your articles into small paragraphs. This helps your readers to read your blog. They can have the chance to read any paragraph they want.

Use sub headers

You are seeing the example on this article. You can name your paragraphs with a sub header. This way your readers will know what is being writen about in this paragraph.

Use good formatting

Like Bold, Italic, Underline, Colors. But don’t use it many times, otherwise it won’t look professional.

Use images

You can add relavent images on your blog post. This will help to attract more people. But if you add lots of images, it will take more time to load your blog.

Use block quote

You can use this to show special words or comments taken from other people/ site. Here is the example,

Choose what you like, select that to do,
you’ll find some one, impressed from you.

Use bullets and numbering

This way,

  • People will know some points
  • You can share a word
  • Give an example or
  1. A product name
  2. website or
  3. An article to show

Use a final conclusion

Just like I add it to all of my articles. I hope you liked this article and you can ask for my help any time. You can also Stumble this article. You can also add some questions after the article to get them involved in the content like,

  • Did you liked this article?
  • It helped you? or
  • Did I missed anything?

6 thoughts on “How to create an interesting article structure?”

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  2. This is probably a silly question but how much is too much link love. Is there ever too much or the more the better.
    Another thing is word count. I have wrote up to 2000 words articles and on some posts a lot less.
    Recently, I read keeping it short around 500 words is better.
    Thank you

    bunnygotblog’s latest blog post..To Have And Not To Have Internet Etiquette

    1. @bunnygotblog, Link Love: The more links you get for your site is better but the number should be natural as people linking your site. If you’re talking about the links you put on your blogroll, then keep all of the links to relavant sites. 10 is good, 20 is also fair but putting much more links on your sidebar will make your blog look like a link firm. EG: No more than 50 links from each page (including internal links)

      Article size: The people who will read your blog are probobly tech savvy and they have to take a look at lot of blogs. So keep your blog post under 500 words. If that’s a good information, 1000 words also won’t bore your audience but 2000+ words are like boring stories.

      If you like to write bigger articles, then make part 1, part 2 of the articles and post them in intervals.

      Welcome to BlogKori and happy to have another reader 🙂

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