How to Create A PDF Ebook Using Google Docs

How to Create A PDF Ebook Using Google Docs

![create a PDF online]( "create a PDF online")On this post I will write about how you can create ebooks to offer in your blog as downloads in PDF version. PDF files are very popular and it can be opened in mobile phones, smart phones, iphones and ipads as well as computers. In google chrome PDF can be opened and read right on the browser.

If you want to get more traffic from your blog and make money then you can offer free PDF downloads as a part of your content. Most internet marketers use downloadable ebooks as a hook to get email addresses. Such as I am doing with my blog, I am offering this ebook in my sidebar so people can submit their info and get the book. You may offer your blog articles as PDF downloads so people can read it offline and can print it. You can also sell ebooks and make money. There are endless opportunities with ebooks but first let us learn how to create a PDF ebook using google docs.

Which Program to Use for Writing an Ebook?

To write an ebook, open your word application such as Microsoft word or any other word processor you may have. You can also use open office to create your ebook. You can put your older blog posts and make up an ebook or you can write one from scratch.

What Should Be the Length of an Ebook?

It all drills down to the information you are providing. It can be short 10 page book or even 200 pages long. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If it’s a freebie, then make it short and if it is something exclusive then make it worthy and full of useful information.

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How Should I Convert My Document in PDF Format?

Now here comes the important part and I think for this information you came to this site. How you can make your word document into a PDF file. Go to It’s a free service and you should need your google account to sign in:

![google docs for creating pdf]( "google docs for creating pdf")

Now that you are signed in, upload your word file that you created:

![google docs upload doc file]( "google docs upload doc file")

Now after uploading the file, open it on docs and you will see your document online.

![google docs edit your file]( "google docs edit your file")

Now all you have to do is to click File > Download As > PDF.

![google docs download as pdf]( "google docs download as pdf")

Then you should be able to save this file back in your computer but this time it’s in a PDF format.

![the pdf in your computer]( "the pdf in your computer")

Now your ebook is ready to be distributed. Now you need to host your ebook online and offer it as a free download.

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Make sure you leave a feedback and let me know about the ebook you created, thanks!

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