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Few days ago someone at the yahoo answers community asked “How to become an entrepreneur?” I see the trend here. People are now leaning towards being their own boss and quit the 9-5 lifestyle.

So in this article I am going to answer this question in detail and tell you how exactly you can become an entrepreneur.

Do I Qualify as an Entrepreneur?

I have started working on my own business when I was 15 years old. I never wanted the idea to have a boss and go into the rat race. I started my own t-shirt design store at that age. It failed, and I started working on direct marketing. I learned how to sell and talk to new people. I learned how to improve my personality.

I invested some of my family’s money in transport with my mom. That failed miserably. Then I started my computer parts selling business. I was buying gadgets in cheap to sell them for high margins. Then I started a website, then a blog and went online.

I started doing online marketing with blogs and I started to see profit. Then I became a web designer and that went very well. Then I started working as a consultant for online & offline businesses; that went very well too.

I also share my journey that inspired so many of my readers to start their own. So far I was never held in a job and I created jobs for others.

So How to Become an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not just about being in business. It’s an upgraded mindset. Do these things and you are an entrepreneur:

  1. Do something, start something, make it happen. Entrepreneurs are the moving force of the society.
  2. Learn to improve yourself. Know your weaknesses and work on it.
  3. Listen to people, listen what they have to say. They will listen to you too.
  4. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion. Be that person in the group who likes to share things.
  5. Take a stand. Choose a side and defend it with your courage.
  6. Learn new things every day. Read a book, watch a movie, go somewhere.
  7. Say YES to opportunities. Your friend wants you to take to a boring party? Go there! You never know what you will find.
  8. Be positive, be optimistic. The glass is half full.
  9. Count your blessings. Be happy for the things you have.
  10. Be the change you want to see in the world” ~Mahatma Gandhi
  11. Push your limits. I couldn’t do more than 2 pushups, now I can do 25! I am aiming for 100.
  12. Dream big. Don’t be afraid of thinking the impossible.
  13. Actions speak louder than words.” Talk less and do more.
  14. Get up and get going. Don’t leave something for tomorrow.
  15. Be aggressive in pursuing your goals.
  16. Always give priority to your family. Friends come and go but family stays forever.
  17. Be funny. Crack jokes, make a laugh. Why so serious?
  18. Get angry! If things are not right, then make an effort to change it.
  19. Make peace with your past. Learn to accept it and do great things so people forget your past.
  20. Help a stranger. Be kind to people. A.R.K. (Act of Random Kindness)
  21. Stay hungry, stay foolish” ~Steve Jobs. You have an entire universe of things to learn.
  22. Grow wise not old. Use your age & expertise to help younger people, not to boss them.
  23. Listen to a boring story from your loved one. It’s not for you, it’s for them.
  24. Make people happy. It doesn’t take much effort to do it.
  25. Know that this is not the end. No person can change your destiny. You are your master.
  26. Inspire and empower others around you. People will love you for that.
  27. Selfishly keeping something is easy, but giving it away takes courage. Give more.
  28. Try to be an example. Do something that others will follow.
  29. Care about people, not material objects.
  30. Improve your health. Take a walk, exercise.

And most of all, love your life and it will love you back. So you see that being an entrepreneur is about being a new breed of human being, far more superior to the average people.

Hope to see you on the entrepreneurial boat real soon! And if you are already a sailor, then well done!