How to Add Facebook Comments in Your WordPress Blog

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How to Add Facebook Comments in Your WordPress BlogFor building a better blog or website, you need to focus on usability. Blog comments are a great way to increase usability but what more you can do?

Now that there are more than 1 billion active users on facebook and even my mom is on facebook, adding facebook comments on the blog seems like the best option.

I am logged in to facebook 24/7, so I got a feeling that most of my readers are logged in too!

So in this post I will guide you how to add facebook comments in your wordpress blog,

Step #1 – Install the plugin

Download this plugin: Facebook comments by Alex Moss

Install and activate the plugin.

This gentleman did a very good job creating this plugin. This is indeed the easiest way to integrate facebook comment form on your wordpress site.

Step #2 – Setup a facebook app

Go to facebook developers home and click to create a new app (you may need to sign up or add the facebook developers app)

create an app for facebook

Now a window will appear where you have to type in the name of your app. Type anything you wish, I did “BlogKori Comments”

create a new app on facebook window

Click continue and you will have your app page like this,

facebook comment app

Now the main important bit here is the app domain. In the same screen setup your app domain,

app domain in facebook comments

And the website with facebook login,

website with facebook login

Click “Save Changes”

Step #3 – Configure & optimize

Now copy the app id from the app settings page,

facebook app id

Now open the facebook comments option in your wordpress site and paste it,

facebook comments settings page in wordpress

The other settings are very easy to understand. You can show this app on your post/pages or both. You can also copy a shortcode to show comments box anywhere in your wordpress blog.

Save your changes and set different options to see the facebook comments,

facebook comments in action

One very cool thing about this feature is that your readers can use other login providers to comment,

comment using other providers

When people comment using their facebook account, they have the option to post it on facebook. When they do, your post will appear on their facebook profile. This means you get additional exposure on facebook.

post to facebook

facebook comments posts on facebook profile

To moderate your comments, go here.

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So what are you waiting for? Add facebook comments on your blog and further engage with your audience. Let me know for any questions and do not forget to share this post and drop a comment via facebook!

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