How to add a widget in your blogger(blogspot) blog

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Widgets are specially designed programs which can be used on web pages, blogs or even on your desktop. These are web gadgets and they are great and easy to use. Widgets are just extra plugins which you can use to make your blog look more attractive or could give another option for your visitors.

Now there are millions of widgets for many things. There are news widgets, clocks, feeds, logos, advertisements, chatting and many different types of widgets are available in the internet. All of the widgets are made with a HTML or Java code and you can easily install the widget using this code into your blog.
For an example, I’m now using FeedJit widget to show my recent readers location in my blog. Just go to site, select your widget and ‘copy’ the code.

Now go to your blogger ‘dashboard’ and click on ‘layout.’ Now click, ‘add a page element.’

Select ‘HTML/JavaScript’ and click ‘add to blog.’

Now paste the widget code which you have copied from the website. You can also add a headline of your widget and then click ‘save.’ Adjust the placement of your new widget and click one ‘save.’

Now you can see your widget in your blog.

You can also search for different widgets in google and add them to your blog to make it more interesting. But be aware, because adding too much widgets in your blog may disturb your readers and may take long time to load your blog. Thanks and keep exploring!

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