How not to get caught into spam filter when commenting?

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Blog comments are effective ways to get noticed by another audience. It’s a cool way to build links, getting noticed and to invite new readers to your blog. By regularly commenting on blogs in your niche, you can attract a large number of people. Your comment will be there forever and it’ll send visitors over time, all you have to need is to post informative and meaningful comments.

How not to get caught into spam filter when commenting? blogkori

Most wordpress blogs have Akismet plugin installed. Sometime this plugin catches genuine comment too. So if your comment is caught on the spam filter, all of your effort will be gone. Here are some tips to avoid get caught,

Valuable comments

This is the first rule. Post relevant and valuable comments. Read the whole post and comment on it. Don’t just post “Nice post” type comments.

Use a gravatar

Without a gravatar, your comment will show the default image. To get noticed, use your own unique picture. Sign up for and add a picture to your default email address. Everytime you post comments using this email, your picture will be shown.

Avoid keywords

Most people tries to stuff keywords on comment author field. This is bad, the comment should be personal. Use your name/ brand name in comment field.

Avoid links on comment

Some people leave the blog link within the comment. This is not good because your link is already been submitted in Website field. If you think there’s a better relevant resource you can share, then add the link.

Don’t post offensive comments

Offensive and harsh comments are always removed. Try to be polite and be nice to other people and the author.

Notify the author if your comment is being marked as spam!

If your comments are being marked as spam, then notify the author about it. They’ll sure check it out and approve your comment.

Are you commenting on my posts?

Do you love to comment on my blog? Are they getting noticed or ignored? Did your comments got removed as spam?

2 thoughts on “How not to get caught into spam filter when commenting?”

  1. Aminul Islam Sajib

    Yes, something is wrong. I don’t know if my comments were marked as spam. But whenever I leave a comment, I check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via E-mail” check box. But most of the time, the email comment notification are gathered in my Spam filter. I don’t get what’s wrong.

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Do you know you have got multiple addresses with 1 Gmail account?

  2. After commenting on blog post, I always look back next day. If author or somebody replied to my comment then i always comment on it.

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