I love to blog and I’m glad of this wonderful tool. Blog/ weblog allows me to write my own opinions on different topics. It’s a sort of personal news publication, just like the revolution of desktop publishing. The things you’re doing and the way you’re viewing different thing shows on your writing. Let’s see how your blog is reflexing your personal and professional life,

Your personality

Blogging shows what kind of person you are? By reading your about page, readers can know who is this person, where he from and what he wants to do with this blog. Your writing will show if you’re an influenced audience, or an expert critique? This will also show up if you’re the person who goes within the wave, or the one who wants to create a new destination against all odds!

Twitter updates are much more personal and you can learn the exact expression of this person. If you’re about to marry a person and want to know more about their personalities, then you must subscribe to their RSS feeds or follow them on twitter!

Your creativity

One can make a big blog from scratch with his creativity. You have to write the same things what others are writing in your niche, your creativity will make you stand out. By reading the first post, your readers will know about your creativity. “Wow! I didn’t realize that in this way? How innovative!”  Your readers are reading the same thing everywhere, but wants to read it only from you. Some news based blogs are cool but they only contain simple reviews or sales pitch. This sure makes sense about the creativity of the author.

Your authority

Blogging is all about building your personal authority in a field. No matter what you write, tech, science, sports or stories; the more authority you have, the better content you’ll provide. People will figure it out from your writing style, is this person a newbie or an expert? having an authority has lots of other benefits. A reporter may cover you because your authority in such field. You’ll find business connections or even job opportunities for your expertise.

Your popularity

Okay, you’re not a celebrity or not even a business mogul, but still you can become an internet celebrity for blogging. Look at the examples of Darren Rows, John Chow, Chris Garrett -who are they? They don’t do much outside of blogging but this is the thing that made them famous. Blogging is not all about writing articles, it’s about communicating with people, marketing and influencing. Your blog and social status shows your popularity. Take a search about you on google and you’ll find it!

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Are you revealing the real side of yourself online? What do you prefer, reveal or keep yourself hidden?