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When I first started BlogKori, it was a collection of blogging and money making tips. I wrote about everything I came across and It helped many beginners.

When I first started my online journey I had an interest in blogging and internet marketing. Then I went into freelance web development. Over the last few years, I failed to keep up with my blogging because of my web development job.

I learned a lot about web development working as a freelancer, I now want to pursue a career in web development. For this reason I would like to write about web development and stuff.

I have been thinking about this blog for the last 6 months, which direction should I take it. For sometimes I thought about writing WordPress blogging related stuff. But nothing was clicking.

I thought about turning blogkori into a web development blog, but the name doesn’t really fits the topic. So I decided to start a new blog to write about web development, WordPress, NodeJS and any relevant technology which I am working at the moment.

I have not fully decided yet, so I have to think a lot of the things through. On my new blog I don’t want to cover newbie tutorials, instead I want to go through intermediate topics and opinions about the things I do.

So what about this BlogKori blog? I haven’t thought about it yet. I may keep this blog for a yearly report of my online journey. Have to think about that too.

For now, just know that I am working on a new blog and if you are a web developer like me, then you can follow my live videos on facebook. -I talk and show web development stuff in my live videos.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please leave them as comments:

3 thoughts on “Hello BlogKori Readers”

  1. Hi, Tamal! Please, continue writing your blog, I appreciate reading your opinions. The ones about freelance are very useful, I must say.
    Actually, there are more and more freelancers specializing fully on the BTC and other stuff, I mean articles, reports analyses etc. Have you noticed more trends in freelance these days? I’d like to know your opinion.

  2. Tomal bro, I like your blog, i want to see your blog online forever, becoz we are bangladeshi and if some banglafeshi people work on web development and blogging, then we are very happy and we get some guide to do somthing new.

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