Great examples on how to write a good Meta blog description

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Here in BlogKori I have written articles on SEO optimization, meta keywords and page rank. Meta description and keywords are important to rank higher in search engine positions. This is a post where I wrote how to write effective bog descriptions to start with.

Now more and more people are into blogging and SEO, they want to know what they should write on their Meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Whenever you want to submit your blog on directories, they will ask for these data. It’s better to use one static data for every place you leave your link. Here’s what our most popular bloggers have did with their blog descriptions; I’m sure this will help you get started with it,

Blogs with auto generated descriptions




Blogs with pre-determined descriptions




Blogs having a one line simple description



So how do you write your blog description?

After all, traffic makes you earn money online.

17 thoughts on “Great examples on how to write a good Meta blog description”

  1. I can read about SEO optimization and its still like an Chinese ABC for me… I even don’t understand fully how to use that WordPress SEO plugin… I have only filled basic settings, and don’t touch anything on single posts. LOL

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    Meta Title and Description is critical from both an SEO and human audience point of view. Your targeted keywords need to be integrated in such a fashion that the search engine bots will associate your content as well being readable and logical for your human audience. This can be quite challenging at the best of times!

  3. Excellent post. In fact the meta description is a critical point in my opinion.
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    Thanks mate for sharing these wonderful tips with us. It is imperative one must do optimization (on & off page) of their blog site if they want to see a constant flow of traffic.
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  5. Hi brother,this is the first time i am writing ur blog,i need to know about a question,i need a solution.My question is “what is total word in meta keyword” i know keyword in meta keyword.

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  7. Hello Tamal, Your blog is really a useful informative one, but still I can’t ensure profer SEO for my blog
    Can you suggest me please, what can I do. What is alt image information…?

  8. Hi Tamal, Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords – would you site any example for this….i request you as a learner.

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