Grading other students, and my first feedback from the professor

Grading other students, and my first feedback from the professor

This week I got new responsibilities as an online student. University Of The People has this concept of peer grading. Each student will be tasked to grade 3 other students. I submitted a simple assignment last week. This week I received 3 of the finished assignments from my peers. The same way, mine was given to 3 different students.

Studying — Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I received a work which was very high in standard. I gave them full marks. On the other hand, some of the students don’t take the studies seriously. I read one assignment which didn’t followed the requirements. It shows they did a rush job.

This week was a little depressing for me because there was nothing much happening earlier this week. It was the Easter weekend and unfortunately the Sri Lankan serial bombing upset everyone in the world.

Knowing I will be judged by the way I judged my other peers, I triple checked all my work before submitting. I stay away from trouble by writing smaller sentences. I try to express my thoughts in as few words as possible. This keeps the chances of error to a minimum.

I received my first feedback from the professor. Last week I submitted my first learning journal entry. I got the feedback and grades this week. It’s 10/10 with a positive response.

What I learned this week:

I struggled with the 12 verb tenses for a long time. This week I started to learn tenses on my own following this guide. I finished the 4 present tenses. It was a pleasure learning about them.

I read another short story The Selfish Giant from Oscar Wilde (1888). Later this week I also read My Father’s Head by Okwiri Oduor. I spent close to 15 hours this week working on my studies.

My work this week:

I spent my time polishing my freelance profile, applying for a few jobs, and networking with some clients. I finished the functional programming lessons this week. I also published a new article in my blog. As this week was a bit depressing and slow, I was unable to focus on learning or working on something. I hope I will get back to speed from next couple of weeks.