Payoneer Gave Me $25 USD Bonus for Being a Loyal Customer

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Just woke up this morning with an email from Payoneer that they have sent me $25 for being an active and loyal customer. For us Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, Payoneer is a godsend.

It has enabled me to sell and get paid online from my international customers.

Over the last few years, Payoneer have added so many new features into their product.

You know the service which lets you get paid from various freelancing websites.

Then there is the online bank accounts.

They have given me 3-4 bank accounts for US dollar, UK pounds, Euro and Japanese Yen. This makes life easier working for clients all over the world.

I have earned a lot more when I started to offer my web design services to my clients directly. I send them the digital invoice (payment request) directly from Payoneer.

Then my client can make the payment with credit card or bank transfer via Payoneer.

Receiving money is also simple. I can send the money to my account in Dutch Bangla Bank. Sending money directly to my local bank in Habiganj gives me the best dollar rates. I use the regular debit card from DBBL to withdraw my earnings.

So far Payoneer is the best merchant service for Bangladeshi internet entrepreneurs. Although they are not yet a merchant service, but I can see they are heading that direction.

If you are looking to use Payoneer to work online, send and receive payments then you can sign up using my referral link.

You will need to have a valid ID and a bank account before you can apply for a free account.

Are you a Payoneer customer? Have you received this loyalty bonus recently? Let me know in the comments please.

5 thoughts on “Payoneer Gave Me $25 USD Bonus for Being a Loyal Customer”

  1. I want to open a Payoneer account. But little bit confused with my address.
    1. I reside in a rental apartment in Narayanganj.
    2. I don’t live in the address of my NID (which was rental in Dhaka and now not accessible to me ) and not in my permanent address (Chandpur-rural area & nobody live there)
    3. I used present address (Narayanganj) in my bank account.

    As present and NID address is different, Now which address should I use to open Payoneer account?

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