chrome_logoHi, I am a recent switcher to Chrome. As working on websites I need to check my work on different internet browsers such as Internet Explorer(IE), Firefox, Safari, Opera and many others. So far Chrome is my last web browser and I don’t want to switch back to firefox.

I was a big Firefox lover

I was since it was firfox 2, and then it came even better with firefox 3. I used ff as my default browser to browse everything, I loved for its speed and add ons (plugins) to customize. Then I recently switched to Google Chrome.

A sleek design overview

At first glance chrome is very neat as a browser. It doesn’t have flashy buttons, text and options, just a big window to browse the web.


With the default tab view, you can see the most frequent browsed web pages with a screen shot. This feature is a direct copy of the safari new tab feature. Another option is the address bar that will act as a google search bar, just type in and search:

chrome google searchAll of your bookmarks can be accessed very easily with the bookmark manager:

chrome bookmark managerSome other design features of google chrome are:

  • The bottom bar that shows the address of any link or active content, is hidden and only visible when the page is loading or you hover over a web link.
  • Every plugin/tool is placed on the right side of the address bar, next to the wrench icon to save you window area.
  • Google chrome has many themes you can choose to customize the look of your browser.
  • So far google chrome gives you the bigger view for a browser, unlike safari, firefox and IE which have lots of toolbars and options and block your screen.
  • When you open multiple tabs, the tabs resize to fill all in one screen. In firefox you have to scroll through all the tabs you opened.

Chrome has many plugins

One big reason to use firefox is because of the custom add ons AKA plugins. But come over at chrome app store and you will be amazed of these apps that do the same things what firefox is doing for the last couple of years.

Did I say Chrome is super fast?

Yes indeed, google chrome is the fastest, faster than firefox. Almost double the speed of browsing compared to firefox. I won’t pull any stats as I am not a stats guy. You can see the data if you research it online. When I download anything using chrome, the speed stays consistent.

One chrome tip for first time users

When you install and use it for the first time, you do import all browsing data from your past browser. This will import all bookmarks, visited web pages, saved passwords and cookies for you.

You will be prompted to do it on the first run but if you have missed it, here is how to do it. Go to the wrench icon, Right to the address bar.

wrench icon chromeGo to Options > Personal stuff (tab) > Import data from another browser

import data from another browserAnd then proceed.

Are you ready to use google chrome for the first time? Use this link to download chrome and let me know how it was? If you are a chrome user, then what was your last browser?