is a very much older domain, but for years yahoo was keeping this cool service for something special. Recently yahoo launched a new service called Buzz! and it’s just like a social bookmarking site like,

There is no hassle to create an account in Buzz, you just have to need a Yahoo mail account and thats enough to sign in. You can submit articles on Buzz and the process will go on just like digg. You can buzz an article Up or Down and the total number of buzz ups will send each stories to the front page.

Hitting the front page!

Some bloggers are telling that, hitting the front page of Buzz gave them most of the traffic than Yes its true and this amount could be, 10,000-30,000 unique visitors to your article.

Hitting the Yahoo page!

This is the service why digg can’t compete with yahoo buzz. If a story gets most of the buzz in the website, the story will be featured in the Yahoo home page. That means you have the chance to show yourself in the biggest website of the world! And that could be 50,000-60,000 unique visitors to your article.

Buzz buttons!

There are a range of cool buzz buttons you can find on, Go and select the one you want to show then on your blog articles. Copy the code of the selected button,

Now sign in to your blogger account. Go to Dashboard> Layout> Edit HTML.

Click on ‘Expand widget templates’

Now look for this code, Now if you put the code after the first ‘p’, the button will show on the beginning of the article. If you put it before the second ‘p’ it will show at the end of the artilcle. Its good to put the button after the post.

Paste the code like this and it will look like this,

Click ‘Preview’ and check if everything’s ok. Now click ‘Save template.’ Now you will see the buzz button on your every article.