Alexa, Alexa, Alexa -a lot of people talk about the rank and are interested to get even more for their sites. When I first learned about it, my goal was to get inside the top 5,000,000 and then top 1,000,000 and now BlogKori’s alexa score is around 180K.

On this article, I’d like to explain some benefits of getting a higher alexa rank and how to get even more from it?

What happens when you have a higher traffic rank?

So far I didn’t found any nice things about getting a higher alexa ranks and they don’t even send any search traffics to my blog but the reason why it’s much desired because of the advertisers. Most of the advertisers (or maybe every one of them) looks for blogs with higher alexa score.

When the rank starts to grow it keeps going until you stop updating your blog. The thing I found that Alexa rank grows slowly when you’re inside top 1,000K because other blog and sites on the world are competing too!

When you’re on the top 1,000K, you’ll have the access to see your traffic data,

alexa traffic graph of

Google page rank and alexa are related?

Most people think that google page rank and alexa traffic rank are related, but it’s not true because both of the sites have different ways to determine the rank. Google calculates the incoming backlinks to a single page (not the whole site) and alexa calculates the traffic volume coming to the whole site. The more traffic you have, the more alexa rank you’ll have. The more backlinks you have, the more you’ll have chance of getting a higher page rank.

Get even more traffic rank with Alexa sparky add on

This is a new plugin from alexa which replaces the old alexa toolbar. With this firefox add on, you can see the alexa traffic data of every site you visit. It’ll calculate the page views of your blog and send to alexa. You can also ask your friends and blog visitors to install this addon.

alexa sparky firefox addon

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