If you search any thing using search engines like google, yahoo or msn, they look at the ‘META‘ data of the webpage to find contents you are looking for. Meta data’s are the part of your website’s HTML code and this way search engines know that what your site is all about.

If you want to target a keyword for your blog, you have to write lots of contents related to that keyword. Like if you want to get better placements in the search engines for the keyword, ‘Computers‘ -then you have to write lots of articles using pc, computer, tech, laptop, desktop keywords.

Most of the time your hardwork may not work and another blog with less quality articles can get the better places. If you use META tags in your blog, there is a big chance to get better rankings in search engines.

About META description & keywords

Each blog has a title and a short description but blogger blogs don’t show the description on google’s search term. If you search for ‘blogkori’ in google, the main pages of my site will not show the actual description. Google will show some random text from my blog to fill up the gap.

It is not a good strategy because when a new person will search google, he will not know what blogkori.com is all about? This is why meta description is needed.

On the picture, you can see the search result of my other blog, tamalanwar.com. The short description is being pulled out from meta description and this way a new visitor from google will know that what my blog is all about.

At the same way, you can add relavent keywords in meta keywords to let the search engine know what keyword you are targeting.

Add the code in your blog

Log in to your blog and open the blog’s HTML file. Blogger users go to Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML.

You have to add the code before the HEAD tag. It is better to add it after HEAD so that search engines will find it in the beginning.

Add these codes after the tag,

<meta content='text/html; charset=utf-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/>
<meta content='THE DESCRIPTION' name='description'/>
<meta content='ALL KEYWORDS' name='keywords'/>

Description: Replace the red part of the code using a simple description of your blog. Make it short within 25-30 words (maximum 160 letters).

Keywords: Replace the red part of the code using relevant keywords of your blog. If you are blogging about jobs then you could add, jobs, job, money, salary, my job, company, part time etc.

Update: Meta keywords are not used anymore.

Click ‘Save template‘ and withing few days, you will see the difference in google search.

P.S: Don’t expect overnight results/ traffic, because search traffic takes time to apply changes. Meta tags are just another optimization, not a super technique.