From John’s archive, 20 Tips For Starting Your Own Movie Blog

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Today I was reading John Campea’s high profile movie blog (you can find it if you google “Movie blog”) and this interesting post he wrote earlier about how to start your own movie blog took my attention. By the way, I’ve written a guide on how to start your first blog but this one is way more than the fundamentals.

From John's archive, 20 Tips For Starting Your Own Movie Blog blogkori

A lot of movie fans are out there who are willing to start their own blog and why not? Movie is also a great hot niche. I read the article from the expert himself who just made a successful niche blog. You can read the whole article at his place but I’m going to point out some important things that he mentioned,


I personally use the opposite term in my blog, “Start with your own domain!” If you’re totally new on blogging, then you should first try the trial pack, a free blog platform and see how things go. Read what John said,

Don’t bother with buying a domain name, buying a hosting service, installing wordpress or some other platform you have to license and install before you get your feet under you. Most people who start a movie blog haven’t ever blogged, or blogged on a specific topic before. You may find it’s a lot more than you can handle… or you may find after doing it for a while that you change your direction and better understand where you actually want to go with it. For those reasons and more, I STRONGLY suggest setting up a free blogging account at either


A movie blog is way more than a regular blog. You love a lot of movies, celebrities and want to put all of them in your blog. John said start small and small doesn’t means 2-3 posts a week just like we all used to say. 1-3 post per day is a huge kick start and you can keep your readers coming to your site again and again.


You can spend 3x as much time, energy and effort trying to nail the “look” of your site than you do on the content of it. The old saying is true… “CONTENT IS KING”. Find a decent template or theme to start with and just go with that for now. You have LOTS of time to think about the look and design of your sight. You can slowly evolve it as you go. Invest the majority of your creative efforts towards your writing and your content. The look will come… and then you’ll change it 100 times. Don’t sweat it right now. Get started, get writing and let the rest evolve over time. Hell… just look at how successful Ain’t It Cool News is, and that’s the most ass ugly site on the net! Content first… then look.

I love what he said about the design. When you have traffic and the time, you can also hire a pro designer to design a theme for you. Take a look at my own blog, BlogKori -it was not like this in the beginning, it was a messy design. I spent the time on content writing and then finally selected a premium template for the blog.

Movie blog is a trend based site

What ever you write on movie blogs, it’s still a trend site and will receive a lot of traffic within that period. You have to keep the content and hot trends, movies and celebrities coming to your site everytime. Your older posts will be read by your readers just like the way we love to see older movies. So you better decide weather you want to create a trend blog, or a timeless blog.

Read the article and enjoy: 20 Tips For Starting Your Own Movie Blog -Please do tell me how do you like this post? Don’t forget to Grab the full RSS feed to get more updates like this one.

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