Freelance workers in odesk should blog for better expossure and to inspire others

I’m a newbie in freelancing and just got started at odesk. Since I wrote a guide on starting a freelancing career online at odesk, I got a lot of search traffic, new people looking for freelancing jobs, and even odesk providers and buyers. So when you take a look at the odesk marketplace, there’s thousands of providers working online. But when you search online for tips about freelancing in odesk, there’s not much to consume.. or most of them are either a paid review or a slight overview.

So what I want to ask to all odesk providers is to start your own blog about your freelancing journey. People still think that odesk or other marketplaces are scam sites that requires money to join. Odesk is free to join and all other sites like that are free too. Some emails and personal messages I got asking me that does odesk pays? Off course it pays and this is why I’m interested in it.

Start a blog and get more exposure

A lot of advanced odesk providers have their own website/ blog and they write about their freelancing career. There’s nothing bad about sharing your expertise. In fact it’s profitable too! Create a portion of your site describing your work, samples, your profile and a little bit about your work. Most people will hire you through your website. Other people who doesn’t wants to hire through odesk can also hire you privately.

If you want to know how to start a blog, then read this: extremely hot guide on starting your first blog.

Inspire others to work at home like you

What’s better than to help a lot of people know about freelancing, work from home and build a healthy income stream? The more you will write about your career, the more people will come and start working online. This could be a new niche and you can make money online from your visitors too.

Put your odesk affiliate link and banners on your blog. For each new member, you can earn $50 when they have worked at least 1000 hours or have spended $1000. It’s great because people who got started on odesk, will never quit working online for money and over time you will have your cut.

Have your say!

Are your working as a freelancer online? Do you blog about your work? Are you looking for online jobs as a freelancer, then start with odesk ~it’s great!

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