Facebook Page Management Tips for Celebrities

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Facebook is a growing social media tool and almost everybody who is using the internet is aware of it and uses it regularly. Now with this article I will be sharing some interesting things about using facebook for “Fame management.” The chances are, you are a celebrity who is reading this or at least the media agent for that famous person. So go ahead and read this guide on Facebook Page Management Tips for Celebrities

Why should you consider being on facebook?

Facebook.com is the biggest network of people on the internet and now it has made itself a media of some sort. Whoever you are, your audience is there on facebook. If you are a celebrity but not on facebook, then join today and take charge of your community.

Some celebs don’t like social media such as Katrina Kaif, she stated that she is not on any social media website and prefer not to share her thoughts at all. On the other side I would like to keep Priyanka Chopra on the lead in this, as she is super social media savvy. She has leveraged her popularity through facebook and have multiplied her fan following.

If you take a closer look at facebook, it’s not about sharing what you are doing; it’s about connecting with the people who are ready to hear from you… the possibilities are endless!

Facebook page and profiles are different!

You heard it, facebook profiles and facebook pages are different. In normal terms they both might look like the same, but they are different in terms of functionality.

A facebook profile is a restricted area for “friends” only. When someone visits your profile, they have to click “Add as Friends” and have to be approved to see your full information, pictures, videos and status updates. This can be an annoying thing for a known celebrity, as people will send you friend requests and direct messages. Okay, you can accept them but as soon as you log in back to your account on the next day, you will get another set of notifications.

You can add up to 5,000 friends in total which is an insane number of friends, and don’t forget you have to confirm and add each of them when they request. And if you are HUGE like Britney Spears, you should have 10,000 people waiting in list –that’s the limit for friend requests.

I have seen many known celebrities who have facebook profiles for “public” interactions, which is in terms a painful process to manage your social presence.

In a facebook page, you can set it up for you, for your band or even for your company. With a page, anyone can see the updates (means the whole world), people who clicks the “LIKE” button can opt in to see your page updates, on their home feed.

You can post status updates on your page, links, pictures, videos and your FANS can interact, comment on them. You can also let other post on your page. A page is easy because you don’t have to approve each person to join your page, and the community can hold unlimited number of users.

While one facebook profile can be managed by only one person, a page can be managed by multiple “Admins

How to setup a facebook page?

Go to your facebook profile and search for “Pages” or visit this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ you should see “+ Create Page” on top right corner. Click on it and follow the instructions. Please note that, the name you choose on the first step for your page, will be the full and final version, you cannot change it later.

So if you are “Arefin Rumey” –The Singer then set only “Arefin Rumey” but not “Arefin Rumey –The Singer” and set your profession as “Musician.” If you don’t see your profession/ business type, then set “Public Figure” –for person or “Other Business” –for companies.

It is obvious that your fans have created pages for you already, take the control in your hand by creating your “Official” fan page. People like official pages rather than fan made pages. Because the celebrity themselves will be posting the update.

Here is a link to a huge guide on facebook page http://www.squidoo.com/facebookpage

Get yourself a vanity url

Facebook has option to get yourself a username, these are called vanity URL’s. Example: facebook.com/tamalanwar –you can get one for your page and easily use it for marketing purpose. Put it on your business card, CD’s, album cover or even posters. These url’s are flexible. If you type facebook.com/tamal-anwar or facebook.com/tamal.anwar –all of them will go to the exact page.

To acquire a facebook vanity url for your page go to this link: http://www.facebook.com/username/ You must have at least 25 fans to get a username also you cannot change it later.

There are many other things you can do with a Facebook fan page

Go ahead, setup your page on facebook and interact with your audience! If you need help on building, design and managing your Facebook brand, connect with Tamal at ThesisThemeDesign

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  1. I just wish there was a better way to send messages to the fans of a page. I mean you can share your status… but you can’t send a personal message to all of the followers like you can with the groups feature of facebook =(


  2. just want to share maybe it could give idea., i received a fan page invite.. i approved/liked it.. then he tagged me to his videos, a clip of him saying thank you for liking the page.

  3. I have yet to build my fan page but now I know some good tips I can follow for when I choose to actually get up and start the little process thanks.

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