Are you new to blog and blogging? Then here’s a guide for you. Blogging means a lot of things and you have to do a lot of work to start your own blog.

Extremely hot guide to start your first blog

Blogger (blogspot)

Blogger is a free and most used platform. You don’t need to buy domain and hosting to start a blog with this platform. It’s an easy choice for beginners.

Some basic questions about blogspot platform
Sign up and get started in blogger
Create your own theme from scratch
Create some unique HTML elements

WordPress self hosted

WordPress is a software which can be installed in a web directory. This is the best blogging software and the chice of world class professional bloggers.

Get a good hosting plan –I recommend HostGator
Have the perfect domain for your blog
Install wordpress using Fantastico tool
Install the most essential wordpress plugins

Additional tasks

You’ve started your first blog, now you have to do some additional task to get to the next level.

Write some pillar articles for blog’s foundation
Setup a blog feed with feedburner
Claim your blog on Technorati
Submit your site on search engines
Some basic SEO job for your website

Your own idea

Please do share your own tips about starting the first blog. Are you getting started for your first blog? What tips you’ll share for newbie bloggers?

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