Extended guide from blogging to pro blogging

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Blog is “web log” and now we can say that a blog is the most valuable social marketing asset anyone could have. With a blog, someone named Tamal got contacts from around the world and made a living with it. Now the question appears again and again; what is blogging, what is pro blogging and how can anyone get a “Pro” status in blogging? How much I can earn with a blog and what should be done to become a pro in blogging?

Extended guide from blogging to pro blogging
The answer is not perfect because Pro blogging doesn’t have a definition. Blogging was a hobby from the very beginning; people used to blog to share their thoughts and make friends. Within the past few years, companies and individuals got serious about the word “Blog” and world class bloggers such as Darren Rowse created a new meaning of professional blogging. This is why the biggest paid content marketplace called IZEA was built upon the blog world.

I found two versions of the definition of pro blogging,

Definition #1

A pro blogger is an expert in his field. They create original and quality content to feed the internet. They get paid for their services. Example: Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net)

Definition #2

A pro blogger is an experience professional. They share their professional experience with the world through blogging. They extend their work network with the blog. Example Robert Scoble (Scobleizer.com)

So either way, pro blogging is not one thing. It’s the combination of Professionalism and Blogging. Let’s take a look at the role of newbie bloggers,

Hobby blogging

Hobby blogging is the easiest thing ever on the internet. For an example, you don’t know that anyone could make money with a blog and you never heard of it. You don’t need to build your skills on the internet and don’t want to create a stronger web asset. This is when you start a hobby blog to connect with friends and make new contacts.

Blogging and Social networking

Blogs and social media are inter-connected. Your social profile such as facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon is your personal publication. Some people are so much addicted in social media and blogging, they don’t just create content, they also spread it with social media; like watching clips on YouTube or listening to a new song on Last.fm ~they always want to share with the world.

Platform blogging

This is a simple form of web logging called platform blogging. Here you just have to sign up for an account and then start publishing. Most people feel lonely with a blog because in the beginning no one visits your blog and you have no comments on it. It feels like you’re talking on an empty room. Platform blogs such as SomeWhereInBlog, Prothom-aloblog got their own user base and you get the exposure for your content.

Pro blogging

Here some techy people come to draw the line to make everyone in different categories. Pro blogging is something different than regular blogging. Where bloggers don’t know who comes to visit their sites, pro bloggers analyze their stats in microscopic depths. Pro bloggers care about SEO and how to optimize their sites. We pro bloggers improve the quality of updates and do social networking for content promotion.

We own our websites from the root including domain, hosting and even copyrights to make sure we could be able to sell it in the future. We take payment from our respected advertisers to promote their products.

When to go in “Pro” status?

Some people make a lot of money with their blogs and most of them don’t make any. If you’re new at blogging, then you should not go on “Pro” status in blogging. Some of our well known bloggers depend on their blog earnings but that doesn’t make sense to completely depend on your blog from day one.

You should not spend any money into domain or hosting because there are free alternatives to start a blog. Also you should not spend any money on link building and advertising. It takes a lot of time to develop a blog’s traffic, rank, content and income. When you think you’re ready for hardcore blogging and making a decent income, then you can start depending on it.

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What is Pro Blogging in your point of view? Are you blogging to earn money or to have fun? How long you’re been blogging?

16 thoughts on “Extended guide from blogging to pro blogging”

  1. I would define pro-blogging as someone who makes a reasonable income off their blog through Adsense and similar programs and affiliate programs. That would mean that there is a small number of people who fit the definition.

    However, there are many, many more who have considerably raised their profiles through blogging and have earned more money in their field as a result. Maybe these should be called semi-pro bloggers?

    Matt Hayden’s latest blog post..Advanced operators for keyword selection

      1. Thanks for your comment man! You’re going to be a top class pro blogger real soon 🙂

  2. @Matt, Actually I think that ProBloggers don’t go with Adsense, that’s just for beginners.

    There are many better ways of monetizing the pro blog. And best is Direct Advertising. That’s what ProBloggers usually do to monetize…

    And this is one great post! Thanks for sharing.

    Gennice’s latest blog post..Video Preview Of New Features in Mozilla Firefox 3.5

    1. Yeah, you’re right.. big bloggers earn the most of their cut from direct ads and they earn hundreds of dollars from a single banner ad. Thanks mate!

  3. Someday i’d love to earn the title “ProBlogger”. but now, i guess i have to be content with the “just blogger” title. 🙁

    irtiza104’s latest blog post..Bloggers Unite: Say No to Drug Abuse

    1. There’s only a thin line from “pro” and “blogger” ~it really does not matters, it’s time which will tell you when you’re ready.

  4. I’m a Seo analyst and a great blogger. I want to earn money through blogging, if someone has depth knowledge about it. Plz let me know the tips..

    1. As an SEO specialist, you can work for your own to grow the search ranking of your blog. You can also work as a freelancer at oDesk.com; helping others build rankings and get paid for your job.

  5. Nice post. your differentiation between blogging and pro blogging is good.

    Pro bloggers don’t use adsense. I don’t think it is case for all of them.

    There are some pro bloggers who have adsense ads.

    Nihar’s latest blog post..June 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

    1. Adsense is a great method of money making and the people who make thousands from adsense, what would you say? Unprofessional blogger?

      According to John Chow, he would make $1000 a month with adsense while he makes $1000/day with direct ads. This is why adsense is not that popular to pro bloggers.

  6. Very nice article tamal 🙂 I have been blogging since 3 months and I have faced every points mentioned on it! Seriously it feels great when your hard-work starts paying you off!
    But one serious thing I have seen in this blogosphere is that many people start blogging just for money without any knowledge or talent and gets frustration! Well I think we should blog only if we are comfortable with it and most importantly innovative! Ctrl+C => Ctrl+V is not at all a good way! 🙂
    Again thanks for the nice and motivational article

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  7. Insurance Guy

    I’m going to be a problogger some day. Would you consider yourself one? How long did it take you to become a problogger?

    Insurance Guy’s latest blog post..What is the Shortest Limit for Term Life Insurance I Can Buy?

    1. I like telling myself as a Pro Blogger (most of them don’t) because it’s the web 2.0 and the way to get in top is self promotion. BTW, being an expert in any field takes passion, time and hard work. You can’t be one overnight, you have to work. I’m still on my way to building a better blog, almost 2 years blogging now.

  8. I too want to earn money through blogging, if someone has in depth knowledge about this. Please let me know some of the tips..

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