All of you people who have seen this upgrade in wordpress blogs, I’m talking about the ‘Read more’ button and when you click on it, you will be redirected to another page to read the entire article. This is a cool hack because in this process, you will be able to show up maximum articles in your home page. Your readers will have more choice browsing your blog.

This is a cool hack of blogger, not the traditional ‘Read more’ one, its even better. When you will click on the ‘Read more’ button, you will see the rest of the post on the same page -how cool is that?

To do this trick, you have to mess with some HTML codes.

Step 1

(a) Go to your blogger dashboard and go to Settings > Edit HTML.

Now if you made a mistake, you will have to change your template again. So ‘Download full template’ and have the backup in your pc.

Click on the ‘Expand widgets templates.’

Now search this HEAD code,


Add this code on this page before the HEAD(not after)

(b) Now look at this code on this page. You just have to add those extra codes marked in RED on your template. (Please do it carefully)

Click on ‘Save template’

Step 2

Now everytime you create a new article, you have to add some codes to enable this hack. To make a shortcut to this code, go to blogger dashboard > Settings > Formatting.

Scroll down and you will see a box named ‘Post template.’ Add this code on the box and click ‘Save settings’

<span id="fullpost">


Now every time you create a new blog post, you will see these codes on the HTML view.

Write your blog article summery and the rest of the post on those codes shown below and ‘Publish’

[Please note]

  • This hack will only show on the home page and archived pages.
  • You have to manually add the codes on every post to enable this hack
  • When you will upload photos, the codes will duplicate with the same codes in the image so the hack might not work. So you have to delete extra span codes and put them all together in the correct order.

If you run into any trouble, then please ask for my help.