Even more twitter money making opportunity from Sponsored Tweets (@SponTwts)

Money making with twitter is not a new thing and we are getting used to sponsored twitter posts and we just ignore those twitterers. Now what if the biggest paid post marketplace joins the twitter money making wagon? Yeah, IZEA has recently launched a new marketplace for twitterers to make money with their twit accts and it’s called SponsoredTweets.

Signing up is easy, just login using your twitter account. Now what?

Even more twitter money making opportunity from Sponsored Tweets (@SponTwts)

Now this is not another place where you will be expected to post messages to your account; IZEA is really good at this and they have come up with something better! You can write your own version of tweet and can choose your own disclosure text. This is something where you can customize your twitter messages and that means it will easily blend with your twitter posts = more money!

SponTwts will give you a flat rate per tweet + additional for each click it generates. When I added @blogkori to their system, it suggested $1 per tweet. It’s better than having $0.05 from other sites. Although I have only 150 followers in that account.

I can guess that SponTwts is trying to create a standard in twitter marketplace. Here advertisers can reach high quality twitterers, not just spammers having thousands of followers. By the way, right now advertisers are still can’t sign up for the service, so it will take a few more weeks to get your first SponTwts!