Update: Entrecard has been discontinued.

If you don’t know about Entrecard, that means you are missing a great source of traffic. Entrecard is one of the greatest inventions of the internet where you can buy traffics for free. Before I get to that point, first sign up for your free account in Entrecard.com and ‘log in’ to your ‘dashboard.’

Once you have added your blog, you will be asked to create your card. You have to upload a 125×125 pixel image in .bmp, .jpg or in .png format. This will be your online business card and people will get to know about your blog with this. If you don’t want to upload an image, you can also use the simple text add creator from entrecard. Here is my entrecard,

Now you have to add the entrecard widget into your blog. Go to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Get code’ and select a size. There are 3 sizes available, 127×148, 200×127 and 250×127 pixels. Choose the size which suites your blog’s sidebar. Now copy the code and add it to your blog.

Your widget will look like this.

Entrecard credits(ec)

Now the real game about entrecard is entrecard cerdits(ec). This is the main currency of entrecard system. Go to any other blog which has an entrecard widget and click ‘Drop’ ; this means you have dropped your card to his card holder. He will see your card on his dashboard and he might check your blog. For every card you drop, you will get 1 ec. Just the way if others drop their card on you, you will also get 1 ec for each drop. The more ec you get, the more you can spend on ads. You can drop a maximum of 300 cards per day. Which means if you work hard, you will gain 300 ec per day.


You can use your ec’s to advertise on other blogs. Click on ‘Campaign’ from your dashboard and you will see a series of categories. Select your category and search for different blogs to put your ad. You can filter the search results to match your status. Click on advertise on each ad to advertise on the blog. You will see the amount that how much time you have to wait for the ad. Once the person approves your ad, your ad will show on his widget for one day. The more popular ads will have more ad price and the new blogs will have lower price, so you will have the choice to choose lots of small blogs or few big blogs to advertise.

Placing ads

Other bloggers will search you on the campaign menu too and will ask for the advertisement. Once you have an ad, you will be notified by email and the ads will be placed on your ‘Dashboard’ as pending. Approve them and they will show up in your widget. The price of your widget is set by the demand of your ad. It works like, 2x2x2x2x2 and so on. If there are 2 ads pending, that means the calculation will be 2x2x2 = 8 ec. This number can go higher if there is more pending ads on your box. You will get 25% of the ec for each ads and the rest of the credits will be deleted from the system to control the economy of entrecard. This is a great way to earn credits from entrecard.

Branding your blog

Entrecard is a great platform to build your blog’s brand. There are over 6000 blogs that uses entrecard. This is the ultimate platform to advertise on these blogs and you don’t have to spend any money. Create a great looking ad, like the logo and the url of your blog in the ad and see how people learns about your blog. Your ad will be shown on lots of blogs and every blog has lots of readers so this is how you can easily build your brand.

Building buzz and traffic

You can advertise on lots of blogs everyday with entrecard and with no problem at all. The more blogs you place your ad, the more buzz you will get. For every ad you place, the people who will visit the blog will click on the ad and will come to your blog. Placing ads on lots of blogs will give you lots of traffic. Many bloggers have increased their traffic with entrecard.

Using credits in more ways

Lots of bloggers use entrecard credits in many ways. People sell links and ads with ec. Many bloggers hold contests and give away ec as the price. Many people pays ec for a link, stumble, rss subscription or even a fave in technorati. There are lots of ways to use ec on the internet. The more you learn about it, the more you can get benefits from it.