End of My First Term at University of The People, Part 2 [The Result]

In the spring of 2019, I started my first term at the University of The People with English Composition 1. After 8 long weeks of study and the final exam, I passed the test and scored 93/100 which earned me a CGPA of 4.00. I was expecting to score 4, which I did and feeling great about it. In this final article of this mini-series, I will share a few moments from my journey and where I am going next.

Unfortunately, I cannot share any of my course work with you because of the University rules, but I can definitely share some of the things I experienced in my class. I spent an average of 10 hours per week on this class. The course work was not that difficult to do but it took some effort to complete. Every week I was given a short story to read and then summarize the story with a quotation and a paraphrase from the story. The main goal of this course was to build skills for academic writing while improving on the English language.

I was very serious about my studies. After week 3, I was always the first one to submit to the weekly discussions. One of my classmates said I outdid myself in a particular assignment. In another forum discussion assignment, my professor praised my work and said my APA citations should be a model for others to follow.

After I passed the English course, I am now enrolled in the foundation courses for the next term. This is going to be my official first term at UoPeople.

I don’t know if I am going to share updates about my studies, but if I feel like it, I will post an update every now and then. Thanks for reading this mini-series and I hope to write soon.