End of My First Term at University of The People, Part 1

End of My First Term at University of The People, Part 1

I finished my first term as a CS student at the University of The People. After 8 weeks of hard work, I finished my first course English Composition 1, which was a mandatory course at UoPeople. After I pass this course I will get the chance to take the foundational courses, and then after I complete the foundational courses, I will become a degree-seeking student. It’s a long road ahead, but I want to take the time to celebrate this first milestone.

Today I took the final test and now I have 10 days of break from the studies until the next term starts. For your information, all the class activities hold 75 marks and the final exam is worth 25 marks; a passing mark is 73 out of 100.

It feels amazing to finish my first course at the American University level. I have learned so much about critical reading, thesis writing, peer reviewing, and source researching. I have spent a lot of time reading and learned the importance of reading fiction. Most of all, college work helped me to be focused and learn how to manage my time. All these new skills will help me get better in my life and work. I am now one step closer to becoming a software engineer.

Other than reading short stories, I have worked on an essay the entire term. I picked a topic for my essay, got it approved, then I wrote a thesis. After that, I learned how to write a five-paragraph essay out of the thesis statement. Later in the course, I researched peer-reviewed papers to cite from my essay. I learned how to quote, paraphrase and add citations in my work. Overall, I have greatly improved my English writing.

I have plans to share all my course work, feedback, and grades in my upcoming post, so stay tuned!